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Website Idea, Need a Team


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Hey Everyone;

I have an idea that I want to make come to life, but I don't have the technical knowledge just yet. I know anyone can make a website a decent one nowadays. My idea for website is this. 

I want to make a youtube kind of site, but it only plays audio files. People will create profiles and will be able to post audio files(Music own made, podcast, and own short voice recording). The site will be like a hub for audio recordings. People will be able to come download and listen to stuff offline. I guess there will be a lot of legal things I will need to work out so that people don't post copyrighted material. 

It will be a social network, with sound recordings. People will have their own profiles. Every month I want to change up the theme of the site. There will be beautiful graphics and great sounds. Really attract the creative people out there. 

If anyone wants to work with me please send me a message on here, or discord. I am Hassy.

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