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My goal is being a good student again


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(It's a same story that I wrote in my daily journal. If you read it, you don't have to read it again. I didn't know that there was a space for self-introduction) :)




  Hi, my name is Tom and I am a game addict. I'm a University student, 3rd grade. I had to study consistently from the beginning of this semester, but I kept procrastinating my job as a student. I kept playing video games because I thought I could study the whole things later.

  I loved playing video games that include some interactions with other players. I played Project Reality(It's a FPS game that requires some teamplay) a lot of times. I was fond of the moments when players in the same squad cooperate so well and achieve some goals. In addition, I could talk to various people around the world. I could experience some kind of... strategic brilliance from some of squad leaders. I also loved the time when players do something stupid together in the game.

  However, as time went by, I couldn't understand the things that professors teach. There were a lot of things to do, so I was overwhelmed. I couldn't handle the problems and I wasn't happy when I attend a class.

  Eventually, I also began to lose my confidence in the virtual world. The game I had been playing was strongly related to military things. I also worked as a soldier in South Korea a few months ago, and I learned couple of values that the army counts. But now, my life was far from those that I had learned.

  So I felt ashamed of myself. I was a really good student who had high grades long times ago. Most of my friends and people around me always told me that I would succeed in the future. But now, I failed and that fact made me depressed. After that time, I didn't go to school for two weeks, didn't eat properly, didin't wash myself, etc. I stayed at home playing other video games(not that FPS game again...) or sleeping.

  That's my story... I want to be a good student again. I won't be a perfectionist. I just want to start living well step by step. Thank you for reading this.

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