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The road to glory


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Day 1

What I have achieved today

  • Worked on getting rid of all my gaming distractions, uninstalled them all and working on selling them.
  • Set out a schedule with what I'm doing each day and seeing what spare time I have for other activities.
  • Selected where I am going to work everyday.
  • Chosen what activities/new hobbies I want to pick up to replace gaming.
  • Prepared myself with not having gaming there anymore.

What I want to achieve tomorrow

  • Keep working through the study I have
  • Start working through my schedule to change my routine
  • Start to correct my sleeping pattern
  • Be more active socially, set up new events with friends
  • Start driving more often


Gratitude list

  1. Grateful for the family support I have
  2. The life I live
  3. Thankful I can quit gaming
  4. Grateful I'm able to find this community
  5. That I'm in university


General Stuff

 So no more video games from here, hopefully doing this will improve my life in general. I don't really know what will come from doing this and where it will lead but I'm pretty excited about it! Now I have to make sure I don't go back to it and move forward from here.

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Forgot to post about Day 2 :P nothing much really happened honestly so gonna include that in Day 3

What I've achieved 

  • Finished the poster work I needed doing
  • Played a baseball game, I now know what I need to do to improve myself
  • Haven't touched a single game so far :P
  • Aiming to get my head around the dissertation work I have.

What I want to achieve tomorrow

  • Go to my area of interest in terms of my dissertation
  • Enjoy life 
  • Get a proper plan for exam revision


General Stuff

So far so good for me, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna hit the low and start getting more temptations to play games but hopefully I can not give in to the cravings. Hopefully doing this will also get my mind to concentrate on studying more 

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Welp missed another day, lets try and do this everyday shall we.


Honestly there isn't much I can say I've achieved in the past couple days, been pretty non-productive in what I've done which needs to get improved upon a lot. I need to work with my time a lot more since I've stopped games, make sure I concentrate on my study a lot more and don't waste that time day-dreaming or zoning out.


Gratitude list

  1. baseball
  2. Milk
  3. Metal
  4. Speakers
  5. Music

General Stuff

Tomorrow I'm going to plan out all the things I need to do for study for my exams and other work. Also gonna go to sleep at a decent time so I feel more refreshed and don't have the feeling of doing nothing. 

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I think I'm just gonna do this once every 2 days with how it's going aha

What I've achieved

  • Gone over a week now without touching a video game, pretty proud of myself for that.
  • Went to the gym last night, hopefully will be able to keep the routine of going now.
  • Got a decent study plan for my exams
  • Set up a bullet journal which will hopefully organise me more

What I want to achieve tomorrow/today

  • Continue with my studies, be able to reach my set targets
  • Prepare and play well in my baseball game tomorrow
  • Continue with going to sleep at a decent time

Gratitude list

  1. My car
  2. Water
  3. The sun
  4. Oxygen 
  5. Dinosaurs

General stuff

All in all it's going pretty well for me I think. Over a week now without games which I'm pretty happy about! I can tell now though the temptations are creeping in a bit so I need to be able to withstand them. I'm liking how much exercise I'm doing now, hoping I can get myself into better shape, just need to work on the diet side of it to help me :) 

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Just gonna do a general update;

It's going well I think, 10 days without video games feels weird but I know it's the right thing to do. I just need to learn how to put my concentration into my study so I can get that done well. One thing I am finding hard in the evenings when I would typically play games I don't really know what to do. I've basically been watching tv and nothing much else really, I've been working on learning programming but I feel like I'm missing talking to people then. I don't really know I just feel a bit lonely as I don't have anyone to talk to but I'll try and work it out. Other than that my baseball games went well and I'm just getting on with my life.

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Day 13

Still going strong with it which I'm pretty happy about but really having the cravings to play... 

I really haven't been productive as of late, not done much studying at all not really sure why but ya know :P 

This is really just to continue updating how I'm feeling right now, I'm trying to use the bullet journal to better organise myself but getting mixed results. Don't know if I'm just putting targets in that are too optimistic or what but still really learning on how best to do it for me. Kinda getting stressed out more with exams and deadlines coming up also so it's going to be interesting in the coming days.

Not much more I can say though other than I'm keeping at it and so far so good!

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Day 17

Well I've been mighty busy, had zero time to keep up to date with the diary!

Since I've been so busy, had not much time to think about games so that's good and feeling okay without them to be honest. This month is going to be hell for me because of all the university work I have to do so my aim is get working hard on it all.

The train keeps on going!!

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