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My Quest to Ultimate Success - Brad


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Hey guys, Brad here.

This is the first post of my journal and it will be the first of many more to come!

If you would like to know a little more about my gaming addiction and why I am here please refer to my introduction post here:

I decided to quit playing video games on Thursday 06/04/2017.

So it's currently day five of no gaming and the reason I delayed getting my journal out is because I was actually busy doing other things! (Not gaming)

On Thursday I came home from work (I work 8-5 Monday to Thursday and 8-1 on a Friday with a 40 minute commute each way... So this already occupies alot of my time already!) and had been reading Cam's post earlier that day also discovering Game Quitters in the process. I decided to take action straight away without even giving a proper goodbye to my games. To be honest I didn't really get up to anything interesting, I had just bought myself an amazon firestick and had been wanting to watch the new Grand Tour (The new PROPER Top Gear), this arrived on the Thursday so I decided to watch a couple of episodes with my sister (To my amazement she enjoyed watching it). It was then time to eat, usually either my Mum or Sister cooks but I decided that i'd like to try and cook for the day. I do not cook much at all, i'm terrible at it! Although I do serve up some pretty darn good weetabix for breakfast (yep that's how crap I am xD). Only problem is, we had no food in the house. So my sister and I went out quite late at night and bought the food for the meal, I spent the evening with my sister, attempting to cook up this meal, I believe it was only chicken with some veg and rice (it had some funky name but I don't remember). Anyways it tasted pretty good, that's only cause my sister was telling me what to do every step of the way haha.

Friday, again another day at work. When I got home I went straight to the gym for an hour, completing another day of my 5x5 Stronglift program, although I struggled to complete my 70kg squat. I then began to pack my bags to head off to my dads for the weekend, he lives in the Norfolk countryside about 3 hours from myself. I spent the 3 hours listening to music with my sister. Once we arrived I had a small catch up with my Dad before heading straight off to bed.


To be honest I don't know why I'm describing my days but hey-ho i feel like it.


Saturday was a beautiful day in England (FOR ONCE). i spent the day chopping down trees in the garden with my Dad, enjoying a nice beer as we celebrate chainsawing down the big tree in the center of his garden.

Sunday was sunny again so I tried to enjoy the sunshine as much as possible, going on a nice bike ride with my sister and step brother and then I was helping my Dad clear up the garden for the rest of the day. I also watched the Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix, Awh man what a performance by Max Verstappen (My favourite F1 driver currently!)

Yesterday(Monday), After work on my commute home I decided to start listening to my Audio books again, my Dad recently got into them and is always talking about them. I had listened to them in the past but only for a short period of time. Anyways I decided to try them again. The first book I chose was "Rich Dad Poor Dad" - By Robert T. Kiyosaki. It basically talks about the way the rich think about life and the way the ordinary think about life - Very interesting, highly recommended.
Reading this book made me feel powerful as I felt I was getting a load of knowledge which would help me for my future, so when I hit the gym soon after work feeling powerful from my new knowledge, I blasted through my program with no struggles whatsever. That 70kg squat that I was struggling with before, I just completed with pretty much no struggle at all.
It is amazing how feeling powerful in your head helps you be physically powerful!

Today - After getting home from work I watched the latest episode of "Designated Survivor" and another episode of "Grand Tour" and then decided to start properly going through the Game Quitters program (Hence why I have started this Journal).

I should mention that before I started going through the program I joined a discord channel where my best friend from like the age of 5 and whom I have played many games with for many years and also one of his friends whom I am also friends with.
I had told my friend previously by text that I have decided to quit gaming and only really gave him a brief description of why.
So as you can expect when I joined the first thing they tried to do was to ask me to play a game, I said No.

And they sniggered to each other "So he's serious then"

I then started to explain in more detail of why I wanted to quit and what I wanted to achieve.

My best friend started to explain that he still plays games and he can also socialize and do other things, he's also had a girlfriend for 4 years.

He just couldn't seem to see WHY I had to quit and why it was necessary, because he is not nearly as addicted to games as me.

The other friend commented:

"It sounds like you're having a mid-life crisis."

They both laughed and continued to take digs at me trying to quit games.

I fought them off and remained strong to my decision and it felt good.

Soon the discussion was over, they were currently playing Dark Souls 3 so they continued their in-game talk.

I decided I didn't want to be in that environment any longer and quit the channel, immediately loading up the Game Quitters website.


And after a long ass post here I am :)

I really do appreciate if you have read any of this first post, I know it's all alot of useless crap that you really don't want to read xD

But to be honest just writing about my days and tracking what I do even though nobody will probably read it is quite satisfying in a weird way. And I can see why the program tells you to do it!

Here's to the start of a new chapter in my book!




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Hey man stay strong.  The truth is if someone doesn't have the addiction they are going to have a hard time relating to your struggle. Good job getting out of a tempting environment. Coming on the forum and reaching out to others here is a great way to keep your stance strong. Something that may help is posting on the accountability partners page and see if you can find someone to text. When I found a partner it made the first few weeks a lot easier.

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My friends were the same when I quit. And now I don't have any outside of the internet! The thing is though- your path is your own. Wherever they are going doesn't matter because that's their choice. This is about YOU and YOUR choice. Always trust your gut and don't listen to the hyenas and parrots! 

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