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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

New member here from Denmark

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Hey everyone,

My name is Niko. I'm a 19 year old guy looking to get my life in order and live the life I'm been dreaming of. I started playing Diablo II when I was a kid, and although my use of video games has diminished heavily since then, I now find myself either browsing YouTube, Reddit or playing video games instead of going out there and living my life as a real social creature.

At this moment in time, I am terrified of failing, scared of being disappointed with myself and hopeful for the future. Ideally I just want to live naturally - the way I see my male friends just be out there and not worry about who they are or what they're doing. To be honest I feel weak for seeking help this way, even though I deep down know that such a feeling is unjustified and unproductive. I can't help but feel inferior to those who just have that 'flow'.

I reckon my problem isn't as severe as others here - I spent 4 months away from home where I didn't play video games or browsed the internet at all and where I matured a lot, both mentally and socially. When I returned home, I found myself slowly drifting back into the old habbits that I was so afraid of.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

- Niko

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