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My Journal, by Zane


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Hi, my name is Zane and I am 18 years old. I live in San Jose, California with my Aunt and two cousins. I have just ended my first week of work/ summer classes at my community college that I go to. The last day I played video games was 3 days ago. I played because my 12 year old buddy named Logan came over and wanted to play with me one last time before he moved to another state. The next day I shipped away my xbox one and threw away all my computer games. Since then I have been video game free, and I feel alright with it. I will report any feelings of withdrawal that I might experience.

I am quitting video games because they have been instrumental in tearing my life apart for the year that I've been playing them as freely as I desired. When I played video games, they sucked the life out of me and I had no motivation to do important things like get my drivers license, put in the effort to buy textbooks for class, or get a job. I stopped feeling bold and daring like the guy I was in high school. I felt threatened by other people's success, and wanted to bring everyone down to my level, including my ex girlfriend. I saw my aunt stressed out by work, remembered my parents who weren't very loving toward us or each other, and worked hard each day, and it was suffocating. I didn't want that to be my future, because I imagined that once I had to work hard for a living then my life would be miserable until I died. Or perhaps I would work hard until I was able to retire and then be too old to enjoy my riches. It was a depressing way to view the world, but I wasn't in any state to shift my mindset. I was living unhealthy, addicted to video games and my girlfriend, emotionally dependent on both, and I ended up crashing hard. 6 months later, after putting into motion huge changes in my life, I was led here to this challenge.

For the past couple weeks I have maintained steady positive spirits and I hope that I can keep them. I truly have not felt this good for this long in at least 9 months. I want to maintain general positive thoughts because, like Cam said, focusing on positive thoughts is what makes us happy. My goal here is to make a lifestyle change and put less meaningful vices such as video games behind. After reading about the advantages of noFap combined with Cam's message on dopamine addiction, I have decided to go on a 90 day detox on that as well..... starting today (shhh nothing happened.) I want to find success in my work and my relationships, and make this pursuit a lifelong goal, so that I can find happiness. I know what brings me happiness, and I intend to go through all the difficult challenges I will face and work hard to get there, rather than take shortcuts like I have all my life.

How do I believe other people currently see me?

Well, lets start with my family. I think they see me as a bit lazy, playing video games all day, not going out much or making friends. They also see me as an argumentative person with bad habits, however they also see me as a person who is a little funny and who has gone through tough times recently. Since I only moved in a year ago, they have only seen the things I've done in the past year. I feel ashamed about some of my bad habits, because my aunt deserves better from someone she is allowing to live with her, and also because for most of my life I have done things like maintaining a clean room, taking a shower every morning, and doing my homework each night, yet I didn't do these things while living in her house. However, I have been changing all of these things, and I know that my family has noticed. I believe that they are developing much greater respect for me.

As for people outside my family, I think that they see me as a decent guy. I'm more mature than I was in high school, though less outgoing I suppose. I have less friends than in high school, but there are also FAR less people my age at my community college. Nobody at the college seem to hang out together like outside of class. It makes me miss high school. In high school making friends was very easy, but not at my current college. For this reason I am going to be attending a different college next spring and in the meantime attend events/ activities such as meetup to make new friends.

How do I want people to see me?

I want people to see me as a driven and motivated individual. I want them to see me as attractive and strong, following my passions and dreams. I want to see people envy me, as I have experienced in the past, and I especially want them to see me as a leader.

Three behaviors or characteristics I want to change:

1. I would like to change my tendency of prioritizing the activities which offer instant gratification over more important activities.

2. I would like to overcome my fear of feeling controlled and start scheduling my activities as Cam recommends, as well as put forth the effort toward creating habits to ensure that I am consistently moving toward my goals.

3. I would like to work on my relationships with other people and convince them to perceive me as the individual I have pictured in my dreams, after putting in the work to become that person.

After doing the calculations and basing my results on the opinions of the Social Security Administration, my number of days to live is 23,288. YAY

HAHA That's Kinda Funny

I just watched the video you recommended and my first thought was: Where have I heard this before? Oh that's right, FightMediocrity gave me an overview of this subject a couple weeks ago :) In his video he discussed Sinek's golden circle, and explained how much more people are motivated to do something when they know why they are doing it, and when they are driven by the why. But watching Sinek's own presentation provided even more insights. He says that people don't buy what you do, they buy why you're doing it. And that resonates with me. Those that follow their gut feelings are acting on the why. They are doing what they believe in, and as a result they become leaders to everyone else. Reading this article makes me want to act on what I believe and be a leader.

I believe in Cam's mission to harness the energies of gamers toward success. I believe in your quest. I've been following what you have to say because it resonates with me and because I believe what you believe in. You gotta be driven by what you believe.

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Woohoo!! Day 1!

I really do believe in the power of understanding why you are doing something. That's ultimately where motivation comes from and your sense of purpose. I think a big change happens in our life when we start being proactive to learn about why we want to do things or what we do believe. Most of us don't know why we do what we do because we haven't taken the time to step back and ask ourselves that very question.

Excited to watch your journey this next 30 days and beyond. :)

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Day 2

Ok so after a bit of thought I have realized exactly what I should do for my 30 day project. A week ago, I was going through some papers, and I found an envelope from January 2015. I opened it and found a check for nearly 500 dollars that I had never cashed in. I was surprised and I told my family members that I live with and they were like lol zane you are so unorganized. I realize now that I'm past due for an organizational overhaul. So for my project I am going to spend 30 days putting my affairs in order. I am going to work on everything from deep cleaning my room to organizing all my papers and my electronic devices. I am going to create a generic daily schedule, a weekly planner, put a monthly calendar in my room for bigger events, and devise year long over time. I'm going to make it mobilized so everything can be altered on a moment's notice. I'm going to find a place/container to file/store all my legal and financial documents, organize my binder, start a savings account, arrange for a percentage of all my earnings to go straight to savings, transcribe the addresses of my family members in a book, and a huge list of other tasks. I will dive into this project by making a list of tasks to be completed each day and set parameters for success. I believe that this project will greatly increase my standard of life, and I am excited to work on it :)

The truth is I have not set a faithful schedule for myself in years, and it is perhaps a huge reason that I have remained unproductive for so long. I don't expect to be successful in many other long term projects until I first complete this one. Once I actually take care of organizing my life, then I can know exactly what time limits I have and can appropriate the tasks for future projects, such as starting an online business, working on bodybuilding, or building relationships, for example.

Cam, you are a genius. Projects! I learned something huge today. You see, until now I never thought of projects as being the key to success. And yet, all my life, the most fulfilling experiences I've ever had were from completing projects!!! I never even realized that! Projects are amazing. I felt accomplished when I wrote a 15 page long narrative poem on the Battle of Austerlitz over the course of 2 years. I felt accomplished when I created a community service project at my school. I felt accomplished when I successfully hacked my own computer which my computer savvy dad had restricted. I felt accomplished when I built a romantic relationship. I felt accomplished when I built a clan in Destiny. Nothing else has ever filled me with the sense of accomplishment like these projects.

If I had any reservations about wanting to start a business before, I don't now! Cam, this is one of my biggest goals right now. I want to start a successful business. An online business. I'm telling you man, this is my future :)

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Day 2

?Love this! Great project. You will definitely feel a lot better because of it. The thing is, growing up sometimes we have this misconception that structure or organization is restricting... when really it helps us create a lot of opportunities! It's a foundation.

You may want to fast-forward and check out Day 13 ;)

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Day 2 (Continued)

So my first rule for the project is going to be that I must spend at least an hour per day working on it. Tonight I'm going to write a schedule for myself and determine when the best time would be to work on it.

I checked out day 13 and wrote a completion list as well, for things that aren't urgent but are important (like quadrant 2 of Covey's time management matrix).

My list of 10 "impossible" goals would be:

1. Start a successful business

2. Find the love of my life and keep her

3. Build and maintain a healthy and attractive body and mind by exercising and eating healthy

4. Learn different types of dancing and become good in at least one

5. Write a good book

6. Make a successful youtube channel

7. Learn a second language/ improve social skills

8. Become a great snowboarder/ learn how to surf

9. Find an outlet or activity that allows me to use my public speaking skills effectively

10. Travel the world/ hike a mountain

Also, I want to add three more concrete goals that I hope to accomplish within a year:

1. Get straight A's for summer/ fall/ spring semesters

2. Gain 5 pounds per month (lean muscle)

3. Develop a plan for an online business/ execute

I bought a whiteboard today, though installation was a challenge. I could never be a construction worker :) Freaking power drills. jeez


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Day 3, The Slight Edge, and Compounding

I read the first chapter of the book, and It was inspiring. One major insight I discovered was that Olson is absolutely correct about our habits of sabotaging ourselves when we start having success. Time and time again in my life I have built myself up by doing activities to help myself, only to relapse into the bad habits when things seemed better. The goal then, to keep building, or compounding success, is to never stop doing the things that bring me there. This is essential; and I realize that I need to stop making excuses for why I don't need to work as hard once I'm no longer struggling. I don't want to relapse into bad habits and depression ever again, so I intend to keep doing the things that lead to success, and not to let myself say its okay now I don't have to try as hard.

A perfect example would be today. Unfortunately, while I have quit video games and almost all video game video watching, there is one youtuber who I can't get myself to stop watching. He makes daily destiny videos and he is super funny and every time I watch his videos it brightens my day. It's not about the games, its about this guy who doesn't take himself too seriously and who just tries to have fun. His channel is growing fast; I've seen him rise from less than 10,000 subscribers to nearly 200,000 in 6 months. I was one of his earliest fans.

Anyway, since I still watch his videos daily (though he is the only video game related person I watch) I ended up seeing his video of him at E3. So, naturally, I was able to see all the new games coming out this year, and boy was I excited. Halo 5, Tomb Raider, LEGEND OF ZELDA. Games with stories that I've been wanting to experience for years. Games with characters that I care about. I started to doubt myself. I've been free of video games and I'm not depressed anymore, and now new games that I've been waiting for for ages are finally coming out. Surely it wouldn't be too bad if I were to still play video games, I started to think. I know now what I want and how to get there, basically. Video games wouldn't necessarily hold me back. Why did I sell my xbox one???

However, after taking a nap felt better, and reaffirmed my dreams. Because I know that video games aren't the key to my happiness. Because I remember playing video games for hours wishing I was cuddling up with a girl instead. I remember having big goals for the weekend and ending up accomplishing nothing because I was addicted to games. I know that I can't live like that. And, after reading the first chapter of the Slight Edge, I am enlightened. You see, now I understand; the reason I think it might be okay to play video games again is because I've pulled myself up from depression and since things are better that it would be okay to stop what I am doing. But that couldn't be further from the truth. To find success, I need to stay the course. I need to persevere, go outside my comfort zone, and make friends.

Besides, I had my time with video games, and I learned important concepts while playing them which I think can help me in the real world. A great example would be the concept of compounding. Cam talked about this, and I'm sure the Slight Edge will cover the topic, but I may have first learned the concept from strategy games. When I was ten years old, I first played Age of Empires 3. A friend introduced me to the game, and I loved it. I liked armies. I liked building them up and sending them to the enemy base. But I didn't have a good grasp on the concept of what Stephen Covey refers to as "Production Capability." I didn't invest my resources in the game toward an economy which would allow me to employ larger armies. I was focusing on the production, but not the capability for production. 8 years later, I got really good at the game because as soon as I acquired a "resource" I would immediately invest it toward better and faster resource acquirement/ production. By doing this I employed the concept of compounding, and was able to make armies exponentially faster than when I first started playing. Now, lets pretend that instead of armies in a video game, that we are talking about money. The same concept applies! Regularly investing money toward "assets" or things which lead to greater future gain, means that by the concept of compounding, one's income can become exponentially bigger.

However, this concept is not only applicable to money in real life. It applies to alot of things, such as relationships. In fact, I'm going to share an example of the mistakes I made with my ex girlfriend which helped cause our relationship to crumble. First, I'm going to share what I read in "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People," where the author includes a fable from Aesop. In the fable, a farmer has a special goose, which produces a single golden egg every single day. The farmer is delighted and becomes fabulously wealthy, as each day the goose provides yet another egg. However, over time, the farmer becomes impatient and greedy. He doesn't want to wait all day for each egg; he wants them all at once. So, he kills the goose to get them all at once. When he looks inside the dead goose, he finds no golden eggs. And now there's a huge problem: He doesn't have a goose to produce golden eggs anymore.

Relationships remain strong because people provide value to each other. In my relationship, my girlfriend brought me validation, attention, and love. But she was also a busy person. She played sports, volunteered thousands of hours, and was studying at a great college. She was highly motivated and successful. Meanwhile, I was sitting around playing video games all day, stopping only to talk to her (or visit her.) Well, since she was busy, she gave me a "golden egg" each day, and spent the rest of her time following her goals. Her "golden egg" toward me meant maybe talking to me an hour or two each night, or sending me a cute video, for example. These things made me happy. However, over time, I became impatient and greedy. I wanted more of her time, so I started complaining to her. I started making her feel bad. I started emotionally hurting her to force her to give me more eggs. Because of this, our relationship suffered then died, and I was no longer receiving "golden eggs." I was like the farmer in Aesop's fable.

What this has taught me is that I need to focus on giving more than taking. I was more concerned with "building armies" then I was with "building an economy to sustain them." I should have focused on improving what caused my girlfriend to give me "golden eggs" rather than trying to take as many as I could by any means possible. This is a lesson that I learned the hard way. I need to focus not only on "production," but also "production capability." I need to build an economy in my life to sustain my armies, so to speak. And to build a successful economy in my life, I need to practice the concept of compounding. This is why I believe that the Slight Edge is a wonderful asset. Thank you very much for introducing it to me Cam :)

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Day 3

?To ensure you don't fall back into bad habits you need to make sure you are updating your goals and your purpose. It's easy to get motivated and get your "shit" together when things are a mess, but once you have that setup you need to make sure you update your goals and vision for your future to continue having a purpose in why you're still maintaining the habits that make you successful.

Mostly, my habits are designed in a way to feel amazing every day (see my latest video on how to deal with stress), because I too don't want to go back to depressive cycles and if my vision is to feel as amazing as possible every single day my habits are intentionally designed in a way to facilitate that.

I relate to the streams. I used to love Day9 from the SC days but it just is what it is. It's like a girlfriend, you'd love to stay in touch and strive to be the type of man who's capable of having that kind of relationship, but sometimes you just need to embrace impermanence and let it go. :) ?Attachment is the root of all suffering as the Buddha says.

Quitting games was only step one, all the things you've listed here are step two:

Future projects, such as starting an online business, working on bodybuilding, or building relationships, for example. I want to start a successful business. An online business. I'm telling you man, this is my future :)

The thing is, you're going to doubt yourself and experience all of these kind of emotions over the next 30 days. But not only the next 30 days, for the rest of your life. It's part of our life experience, and the key isn't to avoid having these emotions, it's learning how to navigate them when they come up and shift our focus back on what's important.

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?Very true. But it's also the root of all motivation.

Attachment and Motivation have overlapping theories but I believe they are also different in nature. A quick google search shows a number of studies done that dive into the overlap between attachment theory and motivation (slightly different than what we are discussing here) but may be interesting to research further.

For me it relates to a quote Zan Perrion once told me that changed my life: "Be open to all outcomes and attached to none."


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Attachment and Motivation have overlapping theories but I believe they are also different in nature. A quick google search shows a number of studies done that dive into the overlap between attachment theory and motivation (slightly different than what we are discussing here) but may be interesting to research further.

For me it relates to a quote Zan Perrion once told me that changed my life: "Be open to all outcomes and attached to none."


?Excellent. You helped me develop a new idea. I'm going to create a list of things to research, and add to that list whenever I have a question or someone recommends something to me.

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For me it relates to a quote Zan Perrion once told me that changed my life: "Be open to all outcomes and attached to none."


?So in other words, don't develop expectations that might be doomed to disappointment.

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?Excellent. You helped me develop a new idea. I'm going to create a list of things to research, and add to that list whenever I have a question or someone recommends something to me.

?My friend Thad Roberts (google him, very interesting guy) once told me he kept a journal (or file) of any question he ever had, and he'd go through it on a weekly basis to find the answers to whatever questions he had. Questions could be big things or small ones, didn't matter.

?So in other words, don't develop expectations that might be doomed to disappointment.

?I would say don't develop expectations, period. Expectations are the root of disappointment (in yourself) and resentment (in others). An important distinction I'd encourage you to have is that expectations are not necessary to pursuit of excellence and/or achievement. There's a difference between holding yourself accountable and bringing your best, having values and standards of excellence you live by with integrity and having expectations.

I would focus much more on identifying and consciously defining the values you live by (the pillars of your life) than I would on having expectations that lead to the experience of negative emotions of which create shame and guilt.

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?My friend Thad Roberts (google him, very interesting guy) once told me he kept a journal (or file) of any question he ever had, and he'd go through it on a weekly basis to find the answers to whatever questions he had. Questions could be big things or small ones, didn't matter.

?Hey, you know something crazy? I realize that I never mentioned this, but growing up my parents never let me have a phone or access to the internet. I could only use the internet at school and I didn't get a phone until I was 18 after I moved out!

I actually used to write questions, big or small, and research them at school. But tell me, what do you think of parents who deny all access to internet to their children, in this day and age? Crazy huh?

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But tell me, what do you think of parents who deny all access to internet to their children, in this day and age? Crazy huh?

?Still trying to formulate my opinion on this. I don't think the answer is sheltering, nor is it giving a 2 year old an iPad for Christmas.

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Maybe the answer is just one of balance, not sheltering but also encouraging kids to have a variety of interests.

?Balance is usually the answer, but in that conversation we often forget that in any discussion about balance it's really a discussion of polarities. It's a spectrum and you need to identify what exactly you are trying to balance.

The means of not sheltering but also encouraging kids to have different interests involves a fine touch. I don't think many of us were discouraged from having other interests, but over time we just learned that our interests were in computers, the internet and gaming. It was our passion.

Still lots for me to think about when it comes to the parents side of the equation. I get emails from them that I have few answers to at the moment. :)

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Guest swagmasterMLG

yo wassup its yo boy jamaine drew-sr here for anotha spin crank that BIG DADYYY WHEELSSS you kno it LEs gooo

ma boy cam, what up from the street homegirl

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Day 4

Day 4 was an alright day. I fulfilled the mission of coming up with a plan for (today's) morning routine, based on Cam's recommendations. By tonight I'll post my projected daily routine, including morning.

Day 5

What a rough morning I've had. I got up early, did headspace, took a shower, ate breakfast, and read for a half hour. After that I went back to my room and was really cold and sleepy and I fell asleep for an hour. Then I had to get up and ride the Light Rail to school/work. The train (monorail)) that I needed to transfer to was 45 minutes late, or perhaps it just skipped showing up two times in a row. I was 20 minutes late to work because of it.

But, while I was waiting, and spending all that time on the light rail, negative, sad thoughts came to me and I was on the verge of tears. Thoughts of my ex and broken dreams and betrayal. The betrayal I refer to is something I have not mentioned in this group because it is very personal. What happened to me was more horrible than a mere breakup.

After feeling my spirits rise for the last month I feel a relapse of pain. It got worse when I checked my grades from spring semester and realized how horrible they were. So bad in fact that financial aid is being denied to me (I just saw the email.)

So this is all very stressful. I can literally feel the stress chemicals flowing through my bloodstream.

As I teeter on the edge of "survival" I realize I need to seriously stop messing around and focus. I need to focus on doing well in school this summer by putting in the work and following good habits. I need to spend less time thinking about how great things will be once I start applying what I've learned... and I should get to it.

I spoke with my personal trainer yesterday and said I was ready for another month of training soon, and she was really excited. I gotta say, I have never met anyone as passionate at what they do as she is.

Perhaps, by falling into a steady routine, learning from reading and my personal trainer, fulfilling Cam's challenges each day, and doing my homework, and getting 8 hours of sleep each night, I can stabilize and turn my life around with actions and not just words.

What makes this resolution different than when I said this to myself before is, now I'm not playing video games. Now I have a few more people to hold me accountable. Now I'll stop reasoning with my situation and just do the work, following the Slight Edge.

Wish me luck my friends

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Here is my schedule that I want to follow for the next couple months:

Summer Weekday Schedule
5:00 AM- Wake up, drink water, meditate
5:15- Shower/ get dressed
5:30- Breakfast/ read book/ challenge/ gratitude journal
Breakfast: 3 eggs, 1 cup oatmeal w/flaxseed, banana, multivitamin, fish oil, (also probably start drinking coffee to handle mornings)
6:15- walk to gym, workout
8:00- go to school, read/research on train
Meal #2: Protein shake with banana, oatmeal, flaxseed
10:00- work
Meal #3: Tuna/meat sandwich, raw vegetables,

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Day 4 & Day 5

Hey man, these kind of events will happen. Even for me the other day, I was riding home on my scooter here in Thailand and out of nowhere I felt myself feeling very emotional and tears almost came down my eyes. It was pretty random, haha. But in those moments, as meditation teaches you, you want to focus on being equanimous. You don't need to suppress the emotions you're feeling, you just want to take a step back, notice them, feel them, take a breath, and then keep going. If you ever want to talk about the break-up, let me know. I've had some rough ones myself.

Remember this time, because there will come a time in the future where you have these kind of thoughts about your ex, and although part of you may always wish it had gone down a different way, you'll actually be super grateful for the situation (even though it was really bad at the time)... because it's lead you to where you are today, and where you are today is really great! You still have those days and that's being human, but you're so much closer to being happy and fulfilled than you were a year ago, or six months ago, or even two months ago. Or even yesterday! Because you're on the right path now and you're taking action to create an amazing life for yourself.

I need to spend less time thinking about how great things will be once I start applying what I've learned... and I should get to it.

This is exactly what you want to do. Don't talk about it, be about it. Let your life be the example of what you stand for. People like to talk a lot, or think a lot, but it's the few who take the action everybody is talking about or thinking about that get to live the type of life everyone is dreaming of. You're living your life every day, doing things every day, waking up every day, living the same 24 hours as everybody else, every single day. You might as well ?leverage it and live it to the fullest. Trust me, it's worth it. :)

(And it only gets better and better over time.)

This is a big summer for you. In tough times, because they will happen, remember to shift your focus to how you will feel about yourself at the end of the summer. How PROUD of yourself you will be at the end of summer. Use that as motivation. (When you have a spare 30 minutes, you can read this post I haven't released publicly yet about my TEDxBoulder talk. It shares some of the same concepts in it.)

Good job getting your morning routine together and the rest of your schedule. They both look great. ?One of the big advantages we have when we start scheduling our day is we become aware of just how much time we do have, just like you noticed. The reason we gamed was exactly what you said - you had all this time, and you didn't have anything else going on, so of course you want to game (and justify it). Remember that part of why you would add gaming (in moderation) is because it's what you know. As you continue to find new activities and projects to work on that are leading you towards your goals, you'll find the desire to game will diminish.

For example, I could game if I wanted. But why would I do that when I can spend those two hours learning about something I really want to learn about? Or to go explore and find a waterfall here in Thailand, or to work on growing my business (to create more opportunity and impact), or to hang out with a friend who, after spending time when them, I leave with a big smile on my face more inspired than ever?

Don't underestimate how passionate you can become of the new activities you pour your time into, over time.

?Have a great day man. Let's make the most of it.

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Day 5 (Continued)

Here is my vision Board :)


The "quote" was my own. Its important to me because I realized something important. Thank you for encouraging me to produce some of my visions of what I want in the future. It took a bit of time because I've never done this before. I never really put a lot of visual thought into what I wanted my future to look like. When I was with my ex, she on the other hand knew exactly what she wanted. Her dreams were of beautiful beaches and sunsets, and things like that, and rather than build my own dreams I adopted hers. I am glad that I am now taking responsibility for my own dreams.

Ten things I'm grateful for:

1. The house I live in (courtesy of my Aunt+ uncle)

2. The game quitters community/ Cameron Dare :)

3. My mental and physical health (which I can ever improve)

4. Lana Del Rey (my favorite singer)

5. My family (who have been generally supportive despite ups and downs)

6. Video games, without which I wouldn't be here

7. My personal trainer, a wonderful person. Truly wonderful (and cute!! :))

8. My ex, who changed my perspective on life forever, and for so many other things

9. The internet, without which I would know a shit ton less, and my life would be far worse

10. My books, which fill me with motivation and knowledge

Also, I'm gonna post pictures of my room (which is clean and more organized thanks to my project)


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