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  1. My jobs one that demands a serious level of competitiveness and dedication in order to rise to the top. Essentially im a competitive mental athlete, its got an inconsistent paycheck due to the nature of it and when your not getting any consistent paycheck you only feel driven to work harder till you see it. I don't need anyone to actually perform at a higher level just more time spent studying and playing. So i normally expect to socialize outside of family maybe once a month often longer. I get along with people just fine, i just feel pretty driven towards focusing less on a social life and more on obtaining a house so. I have to force myself to socialize or i just end up going without. And studying Eckhart Tolle content made me feel a lot less urged in general on the loneliness.
  2. I know its a male thing to do to try and just fix a problem by avidly looking for solutions even when we don't necessarily want to hear solutions and just speak our peace, but my job involves me being at home infront of a pc as well. So i can fully understand the lonelyness that can come from what your experiencing. If your experiencing hangups (i don't know what sort) in terms of socializing or feel that you don't have the best communication skills i got a couple recommendations that might help. When i had come out of a seriously addictive 1 year weed binge (of which i mean maybe 5 hours of sobriety in 365 days) i experienced some pretty terrible effects on my social interactions with people and found myself having to relearn a lot of the process. "How to win friends and influence people" is amazing and not at all the manipulative sounding book the title can be misunderstood as. "Superhuman social skills" is pretty good too. Otherwise i beleive theres a youtuber called charisma college or university or something that analyses social situations and how people handle them well or poorly and the techniques they employ which is pretty cool. It helped me understand where my personality was lacking or how some of my social habits could be portrayed and really helped me grow into a better me. Best of luck
  3. Been a while since iv posted here but low and behold relapsed. This time it was for about id 6 months or so? I noticed it gradually increasing in intensity too until i snapped out of the haze after another 400-500 hours of wasted productivity and weak willpower thanks to the effect gaming has on the brain with a pretty terrible ability to stick to virtually anything i attempt to do. Simultaneously my weights hit all time high of 92kg (im probably healthy at 75kg) which iv been struggling with for a while now. After attempting to piece the struggles im having with weight/productivity/nofap/energy levels i finally realized that it was not the lack of exercise causing the weak willpower, it was the gaming and porn that would have lead to the inability to stick to healthy food and just cook properly. Its also taken a toll on my work quality when i don't utilize periods i have to work and study and use it for gaming instead. After being GameFree for literally 1 day (uninstalled steam etc) iv already cleared like 4 errands i had been avoiding for about 3 weeks now which feels pretty good. Feeling a lot more positive in outlook on everything once again, and looking forward to posting more consistently in the forums. But if gaming is similar to porn in the gaming effects it seems only logical to this time cold turkey both instead of trying to do 1 thing at a time, if the brain takes time to restructure it might as well be done right. Iv decided this time around my new goals are learning to cook (going to be taking classes), Learning coding (using an app called mimo then progressing on to codeacademy), Healthier and excercise (friends and general working out), reading and spending more time with family and friends. Round 3?
  4. Consider learning about willpower. Books recommended are the willpower instinct, and tie this in with your own research into topics like meditation, exercise, diet, routine, and effective habits of highly successful people. The concepts are intertwined really, as your willpower drops you will want to avoid things more and more. Its a limited expendable energy that isn't unending like people would like to make you think. So the idea in quick summary is to tackle the tasks you least want to do early that take the most willpower to push yourself through, and then gradually work your way down the list towards the bottom as your willpower thins doing tasks that you find more and more enjoyable. Meditation, diet and exercise will just improve your overall energy, mood, willpower, and focus. Goodluck!
  5. As far as worrying about the nutrients decreasing due to the carbon dioxide, consider maybe growing your own or buying organic. Or as the hip kids would say it 'biodynamic'. The problem won't be improving any time soon unless the fruits are grown in some sort of private greenhouse or building where the air is controlled i guess. I don't know how much truth there is to the level of effect that bio-dynamic can have but to me it makes sense in theory if your really that worried (the idea of having multiple types of food growing in the same patch as when they die and return nutrients to the earth the soil becomes more well rounded). As far as supplements go, do your due diligents about it. There's some good content books that are rather anti-supplementation due to the systems lack of regulations and the fact that the studies done are normally at their core flawed, weighted, incorrectly focused on the concept of reductionist science (i.e. trying to pinpoint cause an effects to just 1 thing which often isn't doable) instead of wholistic. For content on that read the book Whole, or consider watching What the Health on netflix. And keep in mind there are a lot of studies suggesting that consuming goods in a supplementation form and not its natural form isn't necessarily healthy, and contrast is far less absorbed (up to 23x less in one study of vitamin C in an orange vs a vitamin C supplement of equivilent amount). But try not to stress too much
  6. Should be in Sydney during December, when are the events there happening?
  7. Update: Have not played a game since, been focusing on working with my best results iv ever had, also have gone to Las Vegas for 50 days which is very different from home and freaking hot (it hit 47 degrees Celsius!). Managed to chew through a few books which have been backlogged on my reading list for a while now such as Why men don't listen and women can't read maps. Potentially will be going into business now as well (won't mention now but maybe down the line with more progress on the operations!) and also organized a separate holiday to travel around New Zealand once i return home with my lovely Girlfriend. Things are really looking up and iv managed to break the game related stuff once again, this time round it will be more of a case of realizing its not something i can ever dip into and having people game around me is just not something that is gonna lead to a productive life.
  8. Also as deterant every time i relapse i increase my contribution a month by $10. So i either need to make a new pateron. Or you need to increase the cap from $20
  9. good to be back, glad to see you've been putting in the work for the community
  10. Hey, been a while. Since my last post a fair bit has happened in life. I've moved out of home, had to deal with the pressures of taking on more of life's responsibilities and at the same time had a bit of motivation lost in my career after having so much success i just lost any urge to gain material wealth towards buying my first home in cash. Somewhere along the line my room mate who likes to play CSGO somehow (through no temptation via him) lead me into making bad personal decisions towards the whole gaming thing and i essentially relapsed. Since then iv gained a bit of weight (probably about 15kg), gotten sloppy with the diet and social relationships, gotten lazy with meditation/reading and study/work towards poker and regular exercise went out the window. Think i spent a decent chunk playing a mixture of counterstrike/RPGs/various PS4 games. But more or less reverted back to playing a heavy amount of gaming hours. My career itself hasn't actually suffered too much results wise even though my input has more or less been quartered. Which also probably contributed towards me not caring whether i quit or not. Im finding life errands stack up more until a late time that i drive through them, and im generally not content with the direction my life is going right now. I know its a rather pointless empty direction of me trying to accomplish a number on a screen in a game which will yield some perceived mental satisfaction when i get there but actually not make a lick of difference once i achieve it. So i figured a good place would to be to start again by posting here. And really give the forum more of my energy again to hopefully give more back to me and i can get back on track. As of today im going to try burning the bridges once again, by getting rid of all my stuff across all games, and selling my ps4 to my mum who uses the console to access netflix since shes rather un-tec friendly as well as throw away my gamecube and ps vita. Before i moved houses i was learning chinese via audiobook and was about to sign to do a half-marathon and begin training before a back injury from an attempt on a ninja warrior course left me somewhat sore for a few weeks. Hopefully this time around i can quit it for good, so i plan to use the forums a bit more in hope that it keeps me a bit more on path again. Peace
  11. The GofundMe page seems to hav an Error every time i attempt to donate. Iv contacted support with no response
  12. It can't be easy taking this route and im very thankful for the help you gave me. Iv updated my Patreon pledge to $10/month and im going to be donating towards the cause as well. I hope you enjoy the trip reguardless Cam Also damn you've racked up some serious post count since iv last come on here
  13. So i guess this is actually relevant for once. Recently i had some rather stressful patches mixed in with boredom and a bit of ole isolation. So after talking to friends who game a bunch still i decided to jump on twitch and watch some CS GO games. After noticing id began watching at increasing frequency but also that i felt aware that my viewpoint on gaming was shifting from how negative it was to maybe i can do it casually i decided to avoid twitch completely and really look at why i quit in the first place. By looking into the negatives (which this forum helped with since i can look back at my history) and what i felt from gaming i was able to make some progress. After which i looked into what i look to gain in the future and how much time and dedication that is bound to take. And finally i looked into what my life would be like after i started gaming again, i imagined the personal shame id feel after going so many months without gaming and then picking it up again, how id lose the ability to even say that i hadn't gamed in x months, and how the anticipation of the reward of gaming would never be as good as the actual reward. I realized while watching twitch that it particularly is addictive because your seeing the best of the best play, which drives your competitive nature and also that i had to realize i wouldn't play like they would, i would play at a significantly lower level so i had to factor that in which helped dim the reality of it all. The combination of it all together basically helped repel my urge that arose after a good 9-10 months of no-game streak. Id like to say that meditation and reading books on willpower played a significant role in avoiding what could have been a gradual slope of mistakes leading to playing games again. For anybody struggling with them i can't suggest the combination enough (The willpower instinct specifically & either Calm or headspace app which cam recommends). Peace
  14. i used to re-read stuff once in a while but i realized how pointless it feels to read a book and then forget it. Like i did with all highschool/university textbooks. And also good luck to you sir I do think there's something to be said that we may not be consciously aware of how the book is impacting our life (or mindset), but subconsciously it does have a positive impact. Id agree but sometimes i need to re-read information to reconfirm my commitments. Such as avoiding porn/weed/games and being Vegan. Once i read my summarized versions i tend to rebuild my willpower on the subject, other times i get hazy forget the reasons and know there was probably good reasons i took that stance in the first place but the information is so faded in my mind that i jump back into that activity.
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