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Time to leave gaming behind me for good?

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I am Kevin, 26 years old and from The Netherlands. I have been playing videogames ever since I was little, but it became addicting around the age of 12. Have been really addicted until I was 21/22 (maybe even longer subconsciously). This leaded to me not wanting to go outside anymore, I rather played videogames 6-8 hours a day, and sometimes even more. I also became much shyer than I already was, which leaded to not having "real" friends, not wanting people to get to close to me, and it also didn't help with my education.

I got over it around five years ago, because I knew that something needed to change, so I started to play way less than I did before. Everything went good, until this year. I noticed that I started gaming much more again, and decided to challenge myself not to play videogames for one day, because I really was scared for a relapse. It was easier than I thought to not play videogames for a day, and currently I am on my sixth day of not playing videogames. I also sold a lot of the games which I just had to have them, and not to play them. I am even wondering now if I should sell my whole Playstation collection.

Since it is not the first time that I stopped playing videogames, I know about a lot of the struggles you will get when trying to stop. So if anyone wants to talk about it, send me a message.

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