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What makes you happy?


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Topic: Share the things that make you feel happy. 

For me:

-Cooking makes me feel very happy. It makes me feel like I care for myself, especially when I put effort into what I make.  

-Cuddling with a girl that I'm in love with makes me feel very happy. 

-Listening to jazz-hop music makes me happy. Stuff like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYgJElg98yI


What are the things that make you feel happy?  


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 This will be dark, but I'll be honest:

  • seeing people that I dislike waste their time
  • getting stronger
  • winning against all odds, even against myself
  • proving that people were wrong about me
  • kicking their asses, despite being ill prepared or being in an unfair situation
  • being last man standing or the first one to jump into an unknown situation - alone
  • I need little approval or recognition, I feel euphoria when I overcome my fears
  • mastering new skills
  • meeting my limit and prevailing

Don't judge me, before you meet me. I know it sounds sick on paper.

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- Listening to the music I like.

- Proving people wrong. ( Like destoryah said)

- Exercising 

- Not worrying about the Internet and staying awag from games.

- Not going to school. ( I go to school everyday but I think more positive and I'm in better moods out of school)

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- Jazz music, Traditional Japanese Music, Heavy Metal (crazy combo, I know)

- be productive, get things done, achieve, develop further

- spending time with my friends and family

- proactive things: doing sport, lifting starts to make me happier as well, hiking

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  • Exercising
  • Writing
    - Finishing an article or a story
  • Spending time with family
  • Sunny weather
  • Walking around in the park and have not to worry about a thing
  • Going beyond my comfort zone
  • Going out for dinner
  • Getting a day off
  • Making a great photo with my camera
  • Creating a logo,banner or background with Photoshop
  • Eating sushi
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