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The Road Less Traveled (SirFinkle's Journal)


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DAY # - 6

Days without wanking: 1

Time I woke up: 9:00

Time I went to sleep yesterday: 12:00


Physical task: None

Mental task: Reading The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

Projects: Learning how to make money work for oneself and not working for money.


Miscellaneous accomplishments: 

~ Took a cold shower


Summary of Day #6:

Today started pretty good. Sat down and attempted to day trade again. Learned that day trading/swing trading won't work for me at the moment. My grandpa and I picked up deer sausage and deer steak processed from a deer that I killed back in November. As the day progressed, I read more of the two books that I am studying. Learning to not give a fuck is something that has always intrigued me and is an attribute that I would like to acquire myself. The other book is helping realize that there are much better ways to make money in this capitalist world and that the rich are not hurt by taxes at all. As the day turned into the night, I began facing extreme urges to hook up the PS4 and start playing Rocket League again saying to myself that "You can play as long as you control yourself." The urges became so bad that I started to have a headache. I had enough. I came here and started writing this journal and as I am typing right now my headache has gone away. Maybe writing is something I need to start doing every time i feel these urges...


What I am grateful for today:

~ Women. Always grateful for women.

~ Internet

~ Books

~ Forums

Goals for the month:

~No video games

~No pornography (will be extremely hard)

~Get into a relationship (maybe)

~Only spend money on what i have to

Over and out! 

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I'm glad that you've started your journal. I'll be following!And yes you should write something in your journal every day, because you'll make it a daily habit and it will help you to build positive momentum in your life. Plus you'll  get more involved in the community wich is always here to come to your aid !


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