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Gaming was a part of my identity


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Hello everyone,

I've been playing videogames since the age of 8 (I'm 22 now) where I got my first gaming console - the Playstation 2. Later on, I upgraded to a Xbox 360 and was playing a lot of Call of Duty - I made a clan with one of my good friends and got new friends who I'm still talking to today (not gaming-related anymore - just "normal" friends). I was really addicted to World of Warcraft when I was about 14 years old and I've also been very addicted to Minecraft (I used the most of my holidays just building the perfect world). Later on, I started to play Battlefield which I've been pretty addicted to since 15 years old. I've always used gaming (and porn) to escape from the reality - I've always been overweight and an outcast and have always been invisible for the girls. 

For the last couple of months I might have been playing 1-3 hours everyday. It isn't that much but I was always thinking of gaming. When I was at work I just wanted to finish so I could get home and play. The same when I was invited to a party or other social occasion. So one day I thought - why keep playing videogames when I don't enjoy them anymore? So I deleted all gaming-related and deleted all my accounts. I'll still keep my PC but I consider to sell the graphic card and then get a graphic card that can't play the games I like. I know I'll succeed this time because I'm doing a lot to keep myself busy because boredom often leads to a relapse. Here is my rules:

1. You must not watch more than one hour TV/Streaming everyday (I used to watch 4-5 hours TV/Streaming before so this is a huge improvement).

2. Eat healthy (when I'm eating a lot of sugar and junk it often leads to a relapse).

3. Exercise (like I mentioned above I'm pretty overweight and want to loose some weight - it doesn't have to be the gym but walking for 30 minutes everyday is fine (I'm too lazy to get to the gym).

4. Meditate everyday.

5. Mentally engaging activity: computer programming, music production, learning or improving a language, build up a blog and start to write.

6. Resting activity: drawing, reading, graphic design, meditation, learn how to cook.

7. Social activity: biking, hiking, photography, drawing / painting, cooking.

So this was my story - thanks for reading and sorry for any misspellings or grammatical errors - english is not my main language.

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