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My Introduction: Why I want to quit gaming

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Hello, everyone!

     If you couldn't tell by the username, I have been addicted to video games for a good portion of my life. What had once started as an innocent way to pass time has eventually devolved into an obsession, using it as one of many methods to escape my responsibilities in life and keep my fragile ego alive through involvement in multiple online games, with the most observed train of thought being "everyone will be impressed if I manage to do X!"  In reality, I'm also incredibly undisciplined, as ambitious planning to commit to 3 hours of daily study or workouts every morning always seem to wither away after the first few attempts, where I either waste my day on video games or end up browsing the web, always telling myself that I can always "Try again tomorrow".

But tomorrow honestly never comes.  This has been the cycle that's been dominating my life since middle school  :(.

     I have so many different aspirations in life, whether it be to learn to program, to build an 8-bit computer, to get a pilots license, to learn to draw, to start exercising, or even to do something as simple as doing my homework everyday or staying at the same pace as the rest of the class.  However, I fear as if my addiction has consumed my life at this point.  No matter how hard I've tried, it seems as if every time I vow to go cold turkey on my habits I always end up in the same predicament, especially in situations where I want to avoid any form of anxiety that comes with recent issues in life.

Any advice in terms of how I can manage my internet and gaming addictions?

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Welcome! Glad you took this step to change your life for good.

If you really want to "force" yourself to avoid browsing the internet, try to block your computer in your router/modem settings. Open a time frame of 4 hours per day and if necessary, let somebody else set the password.

However, if that is not necessary, go for the soft version: Create a sturdy schedule. Keep yourself busy and try to avoid using the web or the PC for as long as possible.

Also, remember: One day at a time. Slow but steady progress is the key. Try to make tiny steps, but make them count. For example: Do you live in a nice and neat environment? If not, set daily tasks to change your environment to a healthy, practical and nicely looking state.
Do you know how to care for yourself? Like, do you know how to cook? If the answer is "meeeh", learn a new recipe every week. Do you have the habit to hoard things you do not need? Set tasks to sort out your stuff.
Do you get at least 30 minutes of fresh air every day? If not, set a task to take a walk. Is there any kind of unfinished business at the back of your mind, that can be implemented in a daily schedule, do so. But do not overburden yourself. One step at a time. Do not set a task to build a plane, even if you would love to do that. ;) Tiny steps.

Also, create a journal in the journal section to keep track of your goals and progress.

The place where you live is a reflection of your mental and emotional state. If you want a clean mental state, create a clean environment.

Last but not least: Tap your own shoulder, because you are an awesome guy for choosing the tough road to conquer back what matters most: your own life. You got this under control, mate.


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