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day 10

Damn! I missed a day! Sorry guys I was super excited to play D&D with friends I forgot haha.

Anyway today's going to be another short one. I'd like to write more but I'm in the car on the way to my sister's with my parents and it's difficult writing a lot without a keyboard.

Been doing good. Made a lot of online friends recently. There's one in particular who I've really clicked with. She is going through some similar things and it's been great talking to her.

Anyway I'll try and keep you all posted as much as I can with just my thumbs haha

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Day 11

More good news! So we stayed over at my sister's house, and during that time, there was some drama with my online friends. Now old me would have gotten all upset and possibly even let it ruin the visit for me. But I handled it so well! I told myself "I've done all I can for now" and I muted the chat and just focused in having a good time with my family.

Super proud of that :)

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Day 12

so this morning I had my first really strong urge to play games since i quit 12 days ago. What triggered it was pretty stupid too. All that happened is was chatting with people on my phone and a app updated and i thought "i'd really like to download galaxy of heros agian."

i think that it's also because i'm kinda not feeling that great this morning because there's things i know i should be doing that i'm putting off, So naturally i want to hide from that feeling by playing games.

i guess that means i should go do some shit. TTYL guys

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