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Quitting Gaming


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I have been trying to quit gaming for months with very little success. The game I play mostly is League of Legends. I am trying to learn to control myself, and I hope writing this post may help me out a little bit. Do you guys have any suggestions to what I should do? I have been thinking about just recording myself everyday for about 90 days for the 90 day detox thing to get myself started. Do you think this is a good idea?


Appreciate the support!!!


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Hello Alan! :D Quitting isn't as hard as it seems. Stay on the forum and you'll be fine :) I suggest you to give away your LOL account to someone. Anytime you'd like to play it again you will have to ask for it. The person should ask you then, if you really want it. It may stop you from relapsing. And remember that you have to find activities to replace gaming. It's not about replacing it with time wasting activities like browsing, TV series or anime. You quit gaming to have fulfilling life, right? ;) I recommend you to check it out: http://gamequitters.com/hobby-ideas (lol, an ad xD). Good luck, bro! ^_^

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