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1UP - Time to level up

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disclaimer: I found writing in English i mind-blocking for me. Polish speaking readers can visit Polish version of this journal - http://forum.gamequitters.com/topic/3434-pl-1up-time-to-level-up/


Hi everyone,

I'm pretty new here and that's my first post! I looked on daily journal snippets but they were too overwhelming for the first time, nothing much is happening in my life now. Hope to develop my own journal style in next few days.

At the moment I'm few day gaming free. I still watch video games related content on youtube but this is how my addiction loop works. I binge play video games for weeks until my self-hate hit the ceil and make me stop for few weeks. Quickly after that I usually start watching gaming related content on youtube which slowly makes me want to start playing again. And finally cycle starts again with getting back to playing.

Today I've spent all my day cleaning my apartment. It's been really messy for months(!) now. I think you could call me a slob. Have you seen Asmongold's Lair? You could call my place 'comparable'.

I didn't do it for myself buy only because my parents are visiting me in a few days and they would be sorely disappointed if they would see what was happening here. Anyway, I feel very relieved after cleaning session although there are still few hours of work needed to get the apartment in acceptable state. I'm very surprised how making the first was the hardest thing here. Whole process later was very enjoyable and easy... 

Today I've also realized that my physique in miserable. Can't look at myself in the mirror... hope to fix that soon! I'm positively motivated about it :)

Tomorrow will be easy day as I have very busy schedule at work and my whole free time will be dedicated for cleaning (because it is matter of life and death with my parents... :P)

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It's alright to feel pretty shitty a few days or weeks after you quit, but you shouldn't settle with this. When you feel somewhat ready, pick yourself up and dust yourself off :) I recommend that you quit all game-related content. yeah it can be hard, but it'll help tremendously. Gather some motivation, and decide that you won't consume that shit anymore.

Write down a bunch of other things that you would like to achieve aswell - maybe getting a stronger, better-looking body? Be ambitious, and keep that list where you can see it. 

Good luck, my friend.

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