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Moving past video games


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I'm not one to direct the reality of my circumstances at anyone other than myself, however growing up in an age of fast paced on screen entertainment, growing up playing video games just seemed inevitable. I'm 20 years old,   Full time student here in the states. I'm well aware now that playing video games is a complete and utter waste of time, and in no way will it lead to a higher sense of value I can develop for myself. 


Ive been playing since a relatively young age, I would guestamate 6-7. Games such as madden 05, and MLB the show were my go to games for the ps2 , console. 


As as soon as the PS3 came out, I was infatuated from the high resolution that it provided to my utter love for sports games. I have a keen love for sports games because they provided a platform to excel, relatively faster (and much less painful, and drudge less) than in real life. I had a decent career in baseball and football, but I certainly did not reach even a half of what I could have been if I had invested in more practice, and more knowledge in my respective sports rather than to put my leagues up and Fire up the PS3.


Its another year, and here I am now playing madden '17 most specifically ultimate team. I have to say that I have now fully realized how much time I have wasted on playing games such as madden, and how these games capitalize on our subconscious efforts to excel, rather quickly and pain free. And it is alarming, and i follow it up with a burning desire to quit. But I digress, playing (and winning of course) on madden is incredibly fun. The game taps into my deep desire to excel on the field. The excitement, the in game strategy, the big hits, scores. It's all still there. 

I know it is complete and utter fantasy. I have had decent success with keeping a relatively good physique for much of the past 2 years. I've had great success at building solid muscle, while meeting fantastic individuals at my 4 year university, however a recent injury has taken me out of the lifting game, and has prompted me with an extra hour or so to do other things ( insert madden) 1 hour turned to a series of systematic 12 hour grinds through the weekend. 


I justified it with, "once I get my team overall  high enough, I'll stop and visit every now and again" but it doesn't take a genius to realize that EA doesn't want that, they DEPEND on you coming back to add to your team and improve every.damn.day. 


I do enjoy the time i spend away from from video games. I feel a sense of clarity, and a sense of reliability within myself that is really something I can build upon. When I seperate myself from games, I perform in social settings far far far better. And that, without a doubt may be the single most motivating piece to my complete and permanent detox. 


Of course I want to play, because it is fun, but it isn't worth it. I am prepared to go through a pain period for the sake of my future. Thank you all for your time,  and your stories. I'll be around.

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Idk about madden, but as for soccer games, the developers have an algorithm to keep your winning rate on about 50%, no matter how good you are, often reffered as 'handicap'. Of course, they would never assume it, but it is something easily perceived by the community, especially on the EA game.


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