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Hi I'm an addict...


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Hello I've been gaming since I was 7 years old. It hard for me right now to express myself right now because I don't like showing any kind of vulnerability and I want to protect myself from any negative things can happen from showing my vulnerability because people aren't nice. Anyway, the reason I stop play video games because it cause alot of harm to my social life, it become meaningless and it hurts my mental state. My childhood was normal I guess until the primary school and everything went to downhill. Because of the bullying in the school I had,other "fun" stuff happened in my family and ofcourse video game offered me so much, I started to play game too much and then become obsessed about it and until I was 20 years old I was miserable. Thanks to friends I made two years ago, I started to turn my life around slowly. I don't know what else to say. Even today I control myself about gaming but I want to end this gaming chapter in my life because I want so much more from this life. Well that's it.... I guess...

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