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Hey everybody

My name is Kristian. I started gaming in 5th grade with my childhood friends. We Skyped with each other and played Hearthstone and League Of Legends for hours and hours. Day after day we used to bike directly home from school, alone, even though we lived in walking distance from each other. We would usually start playing right as we got home. This way we could play as many games as possible until our parents would come home from work and tell us to stop playing. Sometimes, this would result in us gathering at one guys place, since he was allowed to play for the longest time.

Today i am studying in high school and i have tried a couple of times to quit playing for a week or so, but most of the times it ended in disappointment.

As of this day i would like to stop gaming forever!(which actually sounds a bit dramatic, when i replay it in my head)

By stopping gaming i would like to achieve:

Greater physical condition

Greater reserves of energy in my everyday life

Thanks for reading.

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