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I Do Not Know


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  So I have failed.. I actually went full on into video games, went and spent more money on the exact thing I was so set on quitting. I downloaded almost my entire steam library again, and even reconnected with my buddies who game. I was gaming so much I just felt a sort of fog over my mind. I would start playing games, and next thing I know it's dark outside. I just wonder what am I doing wrong here? I did everything I could to quit, deleted all the games, started working out more, even started reading books too. Today I began the process of quitting AGAIN(I just feel weak), but there's this one game called Stardew Valley, I just cant seem to let go. It's just such a simple and peaceful game, and I enjoy it. But I know I must quit, but I know that I will fail, I just know it. Am I ill equipped for this? What am I lacking? There's this anxiety that I feel now as I try to resist that urge, I almost feel as though, maybe I'm insane. Sometimes I feel like that. God help me. But where do I go? Half of me wants to keep playing games, doing what I've known for soo long, and the other half knows there are better things to be done but just doesnt know what to do when there's nothing to do. Any support would be appreciated, any and all... :/

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  Well today, I woke up early, took a somewhat-cold shower, exercised(first time in awhile), read and even went longboarding(despite the cold). Not so bad I guess, but it certainly takes strength resisting to play games. I still havent really filled all my time with tasks, but I need thinking time anyways. But what is helping me out right now is thinking of video games in a certain way, Im thinking of them as if their drugs, how they affect my brain in a negative way. This will help me I think, it has so far. Anyways, tomorrow comes soon. Good night everybody!

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