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  1. Wolf

    Possible Relapse

    My main goals right now is work. Primarily. I do want to get into GJJ, and trade school but at the moment I am limited with no vehicle. atm, I am just working, and it's frozen outside, i don't have much else to do aside from chill. Video games though is a way for me to just kick back and enjoy myself, and to honest, i miss it.
  2. Wolf

    Possible Relapse

  3. Wolf

    Possible Relapse

    I just enjoy gaming, that's why i want to play games again. That's why i feel like that. Not to mention, I work regularly now, and that's just a really good way to wind down for me, and I miss it. I miss the stories and adventures, I miss the characters and classicness of it all.
  4. Wolf

    Possible Relapse

    I don't know man. I've been really tempted to go back to gaming, if not at least moderately. I don't know what words to put to this, but all I know is i feel like playing games. That's all.
  5. God, I can still remember the last time when I had to barricade my door to keep Cam out. xD Why did you follow the white rabbit? Beautiful. Oh yea lol. Cam's really someone you wanna look out the windows for.
  6. Hello Toad. First off: No one is forced into ANYTHING here. And there are no "aggressive techniques", only progressive and attentive ones to quit gaming and help gamers who want to quit gaming, quit successfully and begin change in their life. This website is for people who want to quit gaming, or are curious or interested in doing so, so you being here otherwise makes no sense, especially if you're just going to spew garbage on a system built for quitting video games, and saying things like "feel free to hate the community". I don't think you realize that you just walked INTO a communi
  7. Day 11. The struggle continues. I've been pretty lazy here lately, I haven't been taking my cold showers, or working out, or even reading much at all. I hope to get back into all of that very soon. The lice issue continues, but I'm fixing to treat very soon again. Work was nice, not nearly as busy and I'm fixing to get into a motion of things I think. I'm not too sure what to type aside from those things. As for cravings, not many, well i guess not right now, last night I did watch some PSVR gameplay but I didn't have an urge really to play anything(if I did it wasn't very
  8. Thank you for the wishes. Yea, I've been a pretty common head shaver myself but most of the time I have someone else shave it, as I don't have my own shaver. I put olive oil on my head last night, and wrapped it with saran wrap, I think most of them are dead, but I will continue to treat for about a week or so.
  9. Day 10. Sorry I didn't get to type day 9 journal unfortunately. I spent most of the day after work trying to deal with the lice issue. I'm tormented by these things, seriously, like tormented. And on top of it I'm trying to work a job(worried I might spread that at my workplace is even scarier), and the job is tough, I really have to learn how to go fast and act on my own. I'm trying to hold it together over here as much as possible. I'm really having a tough time over here, even just trying to think clearly and not be stressed out is difficult. I don't really know what to do, not only a
  10. True. I can always learn something else. I'm 19, I'll be 20 in June. Thanks for the advice man. But I'm still thinking this one out.
  11. It went well. I only messed up about two times, or three haha. I work tomorrow too, and I think it will only be a matter of time and I should be settled in.
  12. Ty brother! I am happy too! Fire is indeed burning in this life for me right now, and I hope it never burns out!