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Hey all!

This post officially marks the beginning of my game quitting.

My gaming career spans the entirety of my life-- I began playing 8 bit freeware games on my parents MS-DOS computer when I was 3 or 4 years old. I've kept playing consistently through my life-- I played game boy color pokemon for hours every day in grade school. All throughout middle school/high school I played RTSes competitively, putting full time effort into climbing clanwars rankings/leaderboards. 

In college, I made an attempt to quit for good, but still found myself using games as a procrastination tool to avoid studying/working/etc. Even after deleting all competitive games from my computer, I still found myself killing 4+ hours in one sitting playing online games mindlessly as an escape from larger obligations. 

I'm in my mid twenties now, and have realized that for me, gaming is less of a 'passion' and more of an addictive hindrance on my life goals. I have noticed that gaming dulls my interest in my other endeavors and hobbies and voids me of motivation. I am launching an online business that requires me to sit in front of a computer for a few hours every day. Without any accountability, it is way too easy to waste the entire day randomly internet gaming. 

Lots of my college friends have gone on to do some amazing things, and I don't want to be left behind as that one guy who couldn't get his shit together. Cam's writings, along with the posts on this forum, have led me to the decision to give up most gaming for good. I will also block time wasting social media hubs like facebook's newsfeed and reddit from my browser.

As Cam always writes, there needs to be something that fills the time gap created by quitting gaming. In the next 90 days, I plan to:

  • Launch the food products produced by my business for sale on Amazon
  • Create a blog for my food business with 10+ posts and a mini pdf e-book
  • Begin a food instagram with 18 high quality, original photos.

Any extra leisure time outside of my business/family/friends/gf is dedicated to:

  • Extra part time job hours
  • Lifting, Running, Fitness, etc.
  • Reading cookbooks/following food blogs online

I hope to be a future success story/ testimonial to Cam's site. If anyone is interested, I will update this in March with my progress/results. Again, thank you to the community here for pinpointing the problems that excessive gaming can create in one's life.


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