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League of Legends Sucks - 15 Year Old Trying to Quit


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I'm 15 years old, in grade 10, and I just started the program. I've recently been banned from all computers and electronics in my house to keep me from playing and watching videos on League of Legends. But even with these restrictions, I always end up trying to work my way around this. I've been sneaking on at night and staying up leaving an hour of sleep for me on school nights. It's causing me to tear down bridges with my family and lose connections with friends too. Although I can acknowledge this problem I still am having trouble beating the urge, no matter what I put myself to I always have a hankering in the back of my brain, itching to wait for nightfall to play League. Also, I do play some other games (on my Xbox) that haven't been a problem for me and I was wondering if I should quit those too? I have control when it comes to these games but no control when it comes to League. When I play these games I can see the ending, vs when I play League. I just started high school, starting off the year not caring for friends and trying to keep off the radar. I was invited to play professionally (Scouted) in League but the amount of time I spent in League resulted in me failing high school. I made very little friends, the little friends I have all play League. Now I'm failing two courses and struggling with depression and sometimes feel suicidal. Right now I'm having trouble seeing the good in thing and am just looking for some help.

I'm glad to be here and am looking forward to completing this program.:ph34r:

Thanks for reading,


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Hey Wiseguy :)

I really wanted to try LoL at one point.  Somehow I thought switching games would make a difference.  My game of choice was Ryzom.

Maybe you're having trouble with LoL because they purposely make the game more addictive than other games you play?

I have spent the last year and a half losing friends, destroying my life to play a game that everyone keeps telling me, "I don't see anything wrong with you playing that."

So at least your family is aware that you are having a problem.  They are trying to be supportive.

Keep coming back :)


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