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Game Over

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Im Nuno and I start playing video games 26 years ago, it all began with ZX Spectrum. At that time my cousin had one, and I used to watch him play Bomb jack and other games. In the 90s he bought an Intel 486 with MS-DOS operating system and that was when “it really begins” I played many titles like Prehistorik, James pond 2 Robocod and lots of other games…this lead to bad grades in school but since I was always fighting against the difficulties I achieved my goals. I had contact with the Sega Master system and Sega Mega drive (Genesis in the US) sometime later and I became even more addicted. My childhood was spent around toys and video games, shy and introvert, I didn’t have many friends besides my neighbor’s daughter. Then my childhood passed and I enter adolescence and those were the times of my life, the first girlfriend , riding my bike almost the entire day with my new friends, playing football (soccer) and just having fun with simple things in life. But at that same time my friends, when they were getting tired of their consoles they would sell those systems to me at very low prices so when I had the opportunity a new one would come into my house…like the NES, Game cube, Xbox, Game gear…etc…etc…and I have even bought a PS2 at that time because the video game bug was still inside me from my childhood years. In adolescence I was playing 3 or 5 hours a week and sometimes I wouldn’t play anything at all for months, although I had many consoles the games were very few. Adulthood arrived and that’s when things got really bad…I discover Ebay and that was one of the worst things that happened in my life. Without a job but with my family giving me some money from time to time I would spent all and I mean ALL the money I had in video games I found on Ebay and since I had a huge amount of consoles the possibilities were many. I just wanted more and more games back then…I would spent at least 6/7 hours a day or almost entire weekends playing. With this kind of behavior I lost many friends, I had problems in school, I would not have another girlfriend for many years, I had become shy and introverted again and I develop a little bit of social phobia and strong anxiety associated with panic attacks and many other bad things, but all remains in the past now. Video games are like some drug addiction when things get out of control trust me. If there is something I regret in my entire life is the time and money I lost playing so much video games. Thank you very much Cam for helping me put an end to this. A year or more ago I start selling some of my video games, but after I discover GameQuitters the final blow was the 90 days detox.  After that I sold everything and I put an end to this story for good and I don’t regret it, that was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Stay strong if you are struggling like I was,in the end this will only make your life better.

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