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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Diurnal the journal


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Here's a thought i stole from archangel. (Cam put a vid jo about it so I watched Gary V keynote and some other stuff) 

Behind every excuse is a fear. 

CAM. What was your big take home from that conference?  you asked everyone else :P

I have more videos coming but my external HD that they were on failed so waiting to get the data recovered.

My big takeaway honestly was that I'm doing a lot of things right. Sometimes when I go to conferences and speakers are saying do this, don't do that, I can feel a lot of self-doubt about whether or not I am doing the right things. This time I recognized most of what they were saying I was doing well! So just keep going. I also really had a good time hanging out with my friends (40 friends flew in for the conference) so that was a breakthrough in just me recognizing that I like to hang out with people (identified a lot with people an "introvert" before.)

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Day seventeen.  Dancing queen. 

Work is full on at the moment. But things are moving along at a reasonable pace, so I think I've started to get on top of things. As opposed to losing time to gaming, and feeling like I was on the back door all the time. The pomodoros are helping too. Keeps me from getting to engrossed in emails and stuffing around. 


The morning routine challenge hasn't really worked out. I just don't have that jump out of bed oompf. I want to cultivate that habit though. A good start really gets things moving. I don't know. I've never really had much of a  the morning routine thing ever.

I might go to Bath on the weekend. Should get out a bit more. 


This weeks magic pomodoro count 25 / 56. 

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I should mention. 


Weird gaming dreams. I notice that everyone smokes and it's annoying. 

I get game cravings around 2pm. And around 8pm. 

I had a dream I was playing...  Something and then got upset because I spoilt by detox. then I woke up. Weird. 

I want to get back to my old blog. But I think nutting out the morning routine is my main focus for now. Maybe next week 


I keep forgetting to do my headspace... 

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