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Lack of Vitamin D

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Hey, guys!
Just a heads up for all of you :)

The past six weeks I've felt sick:
- No energy
- Mybody aching constantly.

I tried playing with a ball for a minute and it left me exhausted. I didn't know why, but I knew something was wrong.

Now, a few tests and doctor's appointments later: I lack vitamin D.
- Vitamin D is very imporant for your immune system
- If you lack it, you'll get sick quite often
- You'll feel exhausted and your body will hurt

You get vitamin D from dairy products / fish and fats and sunlight. Most gamers avoid many if not all of those. I was often too busy gaming to even eat at all.

Might be worth checking out your vitamin D value or do some reading about it, as it is one of the main physical challenges gamers face due to their lifestyle!
- The sooner the better. The lower your value gets, the longer it'll take to restore it.

Hope this will be helpful for someone! :)

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Most people are deficient in Vitamin D - especially gamers as you said.

Personally I take 5000IU/day. Consult a doctor to know how much you should take but it helps me a ton! Happy you found the same.

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