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Terra's place ( drawings, illustrations and music )

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Wrote this long ago when i was 19 on a poetry forum; At that time i was addicted to dota 1, took a break and wrote the following words inside a poetry contest.. didn't expected to receive an envelope at home lol! I will remove my real name for now until i feel safe enought to give it.

Gray Future

When i turn around

To see

All those days

All those friends

I remember all

Like it was yesterday

Now i look at the clock

Yesterday is no more !

Huge concrete and steel

Have trapped me in a solid dream

I cant break out !


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Hey there!

Thank you for coming here! Despite of what i was taught in school, i belive that life should not be a competitive race, because at the root we progress only by helping eachother. I draw in pencil for fun, and as far as my graphic design goes, i earn most of my living from making various interface designs for android apps and logos - vectorial artwork as a freelancer.

Most of the pencil drawings have reference. They are not original since they have reference. Started drawing in pencil on the run, 4 years ago, when i said to myself " if i draw in vectors, why cant i draw in pencil too ? ". by posting them here, by showing art that i altmost forgot about, i start to regain my lost confidence; this is why im doing this.



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