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I want to write not for myself but to warn others how easily you can fall into relapse.

A week ago I've relapsed in very dumb way. Getting caught in a very simple trap which was game slither.io I was researching gaming addiction and found a compilation of 10 most addictive games. What picked up my attention was game slither.io which stood next to so big productions as cs:go, starcraft, world of warcraft etc. So I wanted to know what this is. Expecting to see informations, guides and general overview of game on their website. Unfortunately, it was very deceptive as the website was already loaded game. After you lose the only thing you see is play again button. This ended up for me in 5 hours gaming straight. Where after two hours I said to myself: this is stupid, only one more play and that's it. That one more play, stretched into another 3 hours...

So I wanted to write this as a warning for others, how easily we can fall in such traps. Developers get smarter and they invent new things to force others play their game. Watch out on your every step.

Greetings, Piotr.

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