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C++ or Python?


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Hello, I have always wanted to learn and master a coding language. For years now, I have always wanted to learn C++ but gaming was always in the way. But, the problem with C, it is a harder language to learn. That is why I'm considering to learn Python first, as it is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn for beginners.

Should I learn Python, may take 3 months to learn and get the hang of coding? Or, should I learn C++ which could take 6 months and allow me to code the programs I always wanted to do?

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I learned a Little C(not C++) at University and selftought me Python and Matlab and more C afterwards. I would say python is the better place to start(even if I didn't). You can do better Projects without having to code to much. There isn't much you can do with C++ you couldn't do with python and it is way easier to learn. The main Argument for C++ is that is faster. But as a private user this isn't needed. Take this link for an awesome free python book (;). Also even MIT does start his computer science classes wiht python.

In Addition to this it is easy to learn other programming languages if you understand the key principles(Compiler, Loops, process control, error handling,function libraries...).

The syntax of a new language is just a very little part. of coding how I realize lately. To make it short and precise:

For developping your coding skills the language isn't an important factor. But wiht python you will have it way easier to see the results of your improvement.


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I wouldn't worry too much about specific languages. Once you learn how to program in a specific paradigm, you can just use a cheat sheet to look up the syntax for basically any language in the same paradigm.

What do I mean by this? well, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Programming_paradigm for a basic understanding of paradigms.

C++ and Python, although very different languages, are both object oriented languages. Javascript and Go i.e. are functional programming languages.

After nailing the basics in each of these paradigms it's nice to look at some design patterns which you'll eventually going to need: http://www.oodesign.com/

(interesting ones are singleton, abstraction, interfaces, adapters) 

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