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last week I made a post and introdruced myself. Now after one quite long week I think its time to share my first experiences

Since I really informed myself last friday about this matter I tryied to analyse my situation. What are my strengths were an I use my willpower most effectively, where do I find new hobbies or improve my current ones in order to get my new life straight.

Since I am kind of a self ironic guy I decided to write these changes in patch notes - I loved reading patchnotes back in the days (even more than playing games). So be advised I dont know if that triggers any cravings for you guys :D 



L.I.F.E Version 1.00001

Week one patch


-  Added a ton of new possible hobbies for L.I.F.E. You will have to find them by yourself but we really put alot of work into them so go ahead and try them out

- added "statusreport" mechanic

- added gamequitters support

-  Added new achivements for every week without trying to game. And for trying each new hobby respectively.

-  Added a new "structure your day" mechanic. Bonus points for setting goals every day and accomplishing them the next day. We are going to add weekely and even monthly goals in later patches.

- added 5 finger typing as a new way to learn while writing. Bonus points if you pull through writing every journal entry with the 5 finger techique

- Added 2 new old friends from school times. They will be avaiable for table tennis and cinema. Possible more hobbies if you gain more exp with them.

- unlocked lots of area around the city (compatible for bicycle DLC purchasers too)

- unlocked meditation mechanic (needs some final testing apparently it takes a little to long to get into meditation)





- removed computer games and ALL related media completely from the L.I.F.E. We found that they really imbalanced the relationship levels and also were way to effective as a free time waster. We know this is a very controversial change but believe it to be for the best

- completely removed the "need time to game" mechanic. You will no longer have to save time in order to play games. In the same move we reduced "wife nagging" by 50% in order to balance it out

- We rebalanced happines leves. Now you will gain happiness by interacting with friends, doing sport (currently bugged but should be fixed) reading, writing, and pursuing the new hobbies we added

- increased the learning speed for learning bahasa indonesia by 15%. It is now also possible to invite indonesian friends to your home to learn in tandem (currently in beta)

- greatly reduced Stress levels.

-enabled daily phonecalls with father.

- We set new sleeping times during the early shift. Going to bed around 10 and getting up at 5 are now the best times to get the best score. Bonus points if you go to work together with your coworker.

-added a daily task list

-2 new items unlocked "pen" and "sheet of paper". You can use them for writing down thoughts you have during the day so you keep good ideas around. Collecting more good ideas unlocks new hobbies (see above)  and achievements

- eating infront of the computer now reduces points (was added due to popular demand) Eating at the table together with wife will net bonus points.

- we greatly reduced the amount of daydreaming and increased general focus by 20%

we reduced the general anger and impulsiveness levels. You will now get angry a lot less and it will take a lot more energy to make you curse at traffic lights, politics, or your boss.

Reduced anxiety levels, it is also now possible to create positive scenarios in your mind. You can use them to counter the anxieties ( loosing a loved one in accident etc.)

increased hunger for chocolate by 25%


known bugs so far

- Weather in germany is shitty even during summer. Unfortunately this is hardcoded and wont be changed. However we will be releasing the "Travel to indonesia" part 2 addon soon with absolutely great weather.

-Sport is currently not creating the supposed fun level. There is a glitch preventing it from doing so probably because of the sweat production and the neurodermitis mechanic. We are hoping to iron that one out in the next patches. However body progress and all the other positive aspekts are still working, so keep on doing. The joy of achiving body progress is also still working. Remember that you can greatly increase the effect of sport with healthy food and a water bottle

- there is still no way to drive a car. The "driver livens addon" is still in developement current ETA is mid 2017.


- Some friends will still try to invite you to games despite them not beeing present anymore. Will be fixed soon

- At the moment its still not possible to confront authority figures (boss) about shitty planing at work. May be related to self esteem we are lookinng into it,



Please be sure to comment and report any bugs :)


This is just a fun little idea I had but I actually had a blast writing it. Do you guys think its a good or bad idea?


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A more serious entry today...


Tomorrow my wife is going to fly to indonesia - means I will be alone all by myself. I used to use this time like I was visiting Las Vegas aka playing as much games as possible to escape reality and especially escaping the thought something awefull might happen to her on her flight. Yes I am afraid of flying and I am also very scared to loose a loved on in an air accident. No I never had bad experiences with flying and never lost someone I really was close to - still this fear is there and it has absolute power over me.


Last time when she flew I was almost paralysed of fear. I was unable to do ANYTHING halfway normal during that time. I was constantly checkig the internet for arial desasters and during that time i developed a very annoing prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain which is causing me troubles to this very day. Later I also developed neurodermitis wich is alos haunting me and annoing me right now *scratch scratch*

This time I planed my week. Immediately after I come home I will learn indonesian with a good friend of her. After work I will go to cinema with a few friends. Wendsday at 8 am local time she WILL be allright and save in her hometown, but still I planned to visit a few coworkers and eat someting with them. Thursday is again learning and in the evening I am going to play Angklung with friends. Friday maybe something with friends or a bike tour. I believe this to be a way better approach since its

a) distracting me enough from thinking about her sitting in an alluminium tube in the mercyfull hands of 2 strangers lalalalala flying is the second most safe way of travel only riding an escalator is safer!!!

b) keeping me busy so I wont even have much time to sit at my PC

My wife improved my life so much without her at my side the next days it will be alot more difficult to get through the days. I try to think positively about it - my challenge has reached a new critical level


Still tomorrow night is going to be tough. I hope I can sleep. Last time when I fley to indonesia (March 2014) MH370 happend a few days later and that really shocked me again,


Thanks alot for reading this guys :) I am eternaly greatfull for any kind words


AH yea patchnotes coz we need those too


Servers will be coming down somewherw around 12:00 am local time tomorrow 23.8 2016 for the following changes

downtime expected to be minimal



L.I.F.E Version 1.00002



- Wife is going to be removed temporately in order to prepare the new "Travel to Indonesia" DLC

- Added new achievements " Get the day done on your own", Get housework done for one day", "Dont eat fast food everyday", "A full week of non digital fun( get all your plannings for the next week done" and "All across the suburbs" (Visit all suburbs with your bike until 4th of september"  ( we are still looking for more clever names for these achivements)

- Added yoga lessons! Use them to battle the fear

- added Sudoko! Can be used during the time after work - reduces stress

- added skype for chatting with wife (will be disabled again later)

- added a housework plan (located on desktop)

- added marriage speaches ( learn them in advance to get bonus points and reduce stress)

- added marriage prayer speach (see above)

- added Cams videos for motivation ( was already added last time)


Patience slightly increased

Self esteem increased by 2 points

Stress effect is lessend since the general threshold of Stress will now decline more over time



Sweat is still causing problems with skin. We are, looking for a solution

Sometimes you just are to stupid to get easy sudokus done

It can happen that you come home after work and miss someone dearly. It will go away over time

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