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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I paid 50€ for a Skin...

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... and 5 weeks later I declined the order, got my account permabanned because of it and invested them into Respawn. Best investment ever and I'm happy to be here. It's great to get so much support and courage, just by looking at other threads, so you can make it through this whole thing.

I'm a 24 years old student and live in Germany.That being said let's get started with how I got so addicted with Videogames, so you guys get to know a little bit who I am

Since I was little I was always sporty and ambitious. At this time, gaming was just a nice thing to do in my free time and it kept being like this for a long time until...

I was around the age of 18, I just ended school and was able to go to university. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted to study, but it didn't matter at this time because my goals were set in sports anyway and luckily I achieved them in exact that year, so I also didn't had to bother about it too much.

The next years I got very Isolated though and became quite depressive due to many failing and a lot of rejection, this went on for 2 years

So after a total of 2 years I suddenly switched from an ambitious young athlete that is about to study to a Guy just gaming 24/7, achieving nothing with it. Being in my depressive state I filled the void with more gaming and since I was used to stress I was gaming 20h per day and only slept when I really had to. I knew this couldn't go on forever, so I decided to study. So I reorganized myself and did the best I could, but halfway-through the semester I started to game all day long again. I saw at some point that I needed to do some sports to fill out the void and that's what I did. After 2 Semester, thinking I could manage my gaming this time, I gave it another try and failed once again.

And well this is how it went on. I had many "tries" to cut off gaming and many relapses and actually I thought I am fine with it during the last year, but 3 Months ago I started to play again another competitive online game with my brother and just. couldn't. stop. I fucked up another semester because of it. 3 Years of studying and I achieved nothing so far, not a single class, and it's enough. I really need to get this going and gaming is something that is hindering me every time, sabotaging me socialising again and again and again.

I started doing sports for fun and to fill the void, but I got really ambitious again and finally have a goal. Also I know now what I wanna do, so that's why I want to study. I think my depression is gone and I finally have a life purpose again to start my new life, but I guess I have to Respawn and get rid of this bad habit from my darker times first before I can successfully do that ;)


Well,... with that all being said:

I'm on day 5 of the 90Day Detox and it feels like I'm going crazy. I have Headaches and feel either extremly unethusiastic and sleep most of the time or extremly hyped and can't stop the urge of gaming, so I try to be outside or work more. I was already thinking 20 times about just dropping the 90 Day Detox and only play for a little while. So typical behaviour of addicts. It's insane.

I rather thought of Videogame addiction being a character flaw than a serious addiction, but going cold turkey during a gaming phase seeing all the symptoms that other addicts usually have ... just scares me. I'm glad I am now here and hopefully have people to support me to get through all of this, I think that's what I lacked the most during my last years to succesfully go towards my next life goals.

Thank you guys and Cam for creating this, you're awesome
Going to do some sports now, see you soon!

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