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My Journal - Matthias


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Guest Matthias


My name is Matthias, and i am a 20 year old male from Austria. I am currently feeling pretty good as it is now over a month without videos games and i am able to get stuff done. The reason why i want to quit is, because i am unable to even start any projects i have to do. I will start one of the hardest universities in Austria in September, and i am 100% sure i won't even pass the first semester if i don't stop playing.
Not only that, but i also want to get more friends - real friends - that i can hug. I have also only kissed a girl once, and i also want to improve on that side.

I have told a bunch of people that i am quitting video games and most of them were really happy about it. My parents have marked the date (27.4.2015) on the calendar and they will celebrate next year if i made it without video games (i often lied to them just to play more). However a few of my gaming friends tell me i shouldn't be such an idiot and stop gaming, as gaming is so much fun.

I would like to be seen as a happy person that knows exactly what he wants. I am currently extremly indecisive and am pretty anxious about my social skills.

The things i want to change are:

1) Become more decisive and get more respected because of it.

2) Have more interests and more hobbies

3) Become an active and healthy person ( i am extremly skinny and just eat junk food)

Looking at the average life span of a person in my country (81 years old ), i have 22.281 days left to live


The Video is great and an awesome inspiration!

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Hey! Love seeing your journal up here. I'm excited to follow along each day and will be here to support you.

Austria is a beautiful country. I had the pleasure of making a stop there in my tour across Europe two years ago. I can't wait to come back!

Some of your friends will understand, some won't. That's a lesson in not pleasing everybody and remembering to do what you feel is best for you, instead of always being influenced by others. If you haven't seen my video on How to Stay Friends With Your Gamer Friends it's here.

It's good that you have a few supportive friends (and your parents) in your corner. For now focus on these people in your life and give the others some space.

In the upcoming Social missions we will start to build more of your foundation to improve your social skills, but a great example is Tyrone (he can come and comment on his story) where he was in a similar position (going to school and wanting to make new friends) and a year later he's doing really well!

Hope you have a great day! Looking forward to day 2.

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Day 2:

Hey! Great job today! Love your ambition.

Make sure you schedule the time to play and learn your song each day so you have the time set aside for it. I'd recommend spending an hour or so getting together a song list for you to start with, so you can spend more time learning each one and less time trying to find new songs to learn.

Looking forward to your day 3. :)

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?You post any videos of you playing your songs? Could be cool! :)

?I'd like to, but I played it 2 times with a friend of mine without recording and then I got my Dota2 invite. So my bass skill went down slight edge curve :( I hope to restore it till an end of summer

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?I'd like to, but I played it 2 times with a friend of mine without recording and then I got my Dota2 invite. So my bass skill went down slight edge curve :( I hope to restore it till an end of summer

?Sounds great! I've found by posting my weekly video on YouTube it's really held me accountable to improving my ability to speak clearly in front of a camera, and improved my videography skills (slowly, haha!)

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Day 3:?

Nice! Love the video, great job. Just like you're going to focus on slowly improving over time with your songs, you can take the same approach to your videos. My first video was with my iPhone in Portrait, and because of the poor quality it encouraged me to learn how to use my GoPro and improve my editing abilities. It's all about KAIZEN baby! (Kaizen means constant improvement in Japanese.)

Can't wait for Day 4 :)

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Day 4

Nice! I love your morning routine. That's definitely one that will set you up for success in the morning. Headspace first thing is a great way to start your day feeling clear. Also, having a whiteboard is always a nice addition to your room. ?

Also great that you are already into the 7-minute workout. :D

Looking forward to day 5. :)

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Day 5

?Hey! Love reading today's update. Your vision board looks awesome and I love seeing the Game Quitters logo on there! Maybe we will end up in Japan at the same time. ;) Or... I'll be back in Los Angeles when you visit Hollywood. Either would be cool!

Excited to hear how your band practice goes today. :)

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? well, i have like the challenge unitl now, at it has been a great experience.

Day 6

?Haha that's totally fine! The mission was just to ask and be open to the possibility for rejection, it wasn't about whether you got the discount or not. Can you see how her saying no had nothing to do with YOU and everything to do with the request? It's an important distinction to make.

To really live our life to the fullest we need to learn to be ok when we experience feelings of rejection or tension or anxiety or overwhelm or anything like that. Some of the missions will put you in that emotional state to help you learn how to overcome them.

Have a great gig! :)

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Hey man! Good job keeping up with your song list! I love how you're using meditation as a grounding force when you come home and seeing the power of how showing appreciation is a pathway to connecting more with people.

Instead of the karaoke mission, let's think of something else that would push your comfort zone. What ideas do you have? ;)

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?Yeah meditation does really help. Btw do you have any tips outside of headspace, or do you think take 10 is enough?

?Take 10 is enough for now. You have a longer one coming up. ;)

Keep your mind open to a challenge you can design for yourself that pushes your comfort zone like Karaoke would for most people. We can come up with an idea. BTW, did you call that girl!?

?Day 10

To be honest the Cold Shower Challenge was the hardest one in the Challenge so far. I am extremly cold sensitive and normally i shower so hot, that i am red after the shower.

I only lasted 2 minutes, but i got ambitious and want to get to 5 in the next 30 days. However despite the fact that it was extremly uncomfortable and it felt like anything besides my chest will explode cause of the cold.

I also decided i will start with noFap as i had a really filthy thought today.

I also ordered a book which i think will be quite awesome to read in the evening ( in the evening i read exciting books, such as thrillers or similar ones, and in the morning i read self improvement books.

I also decided based on the tips on the slight edge that i will not only write down 10 things i am grateful for in the morning, but also 2 things that made me happy during the day.

My morning routine is still a bit messed up. I have to be at work at 7 AM (normal in Austria) and if i want to complete my morning routine i have to get up at 5 am, and despite the fact that i dont sleep 13 hours anymore, i am still sometimes oversleeping and have to cut out either some reading or the 7 Minutes of exercise, depending on the mood i have at that given time. I also have cut out practicing scales, since i am not warmed up and i felt my fingers were kinda numb during work.

?Cold showers can be very challenging, but they are such a great easy way to build more of your discipline and tenacity. And after you do them more often, they really start to be more enjoyable... kind of. Haha.

NoFap is good. Keep us updated on that, it can bring up different emotions like what happens when you first quit gaming.

Everything looks good. This challenge is also meant to help you develop more independence and self-awareness, because things in what's happening in your morning routine are basically what happens every day in life. Even today, I woke up in a new country (Singapore), tired, hungry, dehydrated, I couldn't find the kind of food I wanted to eat (within my diet), I'm frustrated for a minute, then I get to Starbucks to work for a bit and even though I charged my laptop last night, I turn it on and it's at 35%. It's easy for these kind of things to cause mayhem in your day, OR to accept them as is (such as you have to work in the morning so you can't wake up at 5am to get it done)... when really how we respond and the solutions we find are up to us most of the time.

It's all about learning to be aware of what's happening and then adjusting/adapting to optimize ourselves moving forward to our desired goal.

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?Day 12

?Good job with the cold shower! They aren't easy! Crazy Austria is so cold right now. I'm off to Thailand tomorrow and it was 41C there today. O.o

With the girl if you've been chatting do one of two things:

1) Grab her number and give her a call, chat for a few minutes and then make plans to hang out.

2) If #1 doesn't feel good, just figure out what her schedule is this week and tell her you want to see her. Find a time and then have something cool like grabbing coffee and walking to a park arranged.

If she says no which would be weird it's all good, your mission is just to ask her and express yourself without filtering it. You like her, you want to see her and it will be fun. That's the vibe you put out.

Maybe Tyrone has some tips for the language learning?

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Day 13?

Once you sell a few more of your items you'll be that much closer to your Macbook!

Day 14

I overslept and didnt do anything from my morning routine. After i got to work i did some meditation on the bathroom and the 7 minute workroom at the gym room. After i got home from work I did the 45 minute meditation. It was extremly relaxing and i saw some of the mistakes i made in my life and conversations with people i have never met? wtf. After that i rushed to band practice and now i am quickly writing this entry as it is already close to midnight and i have to work tomorrow at 7.

?Great job getting your meditation and 7-minute workout done even though you woke up late. This really speaks to what I shared above about adapting and finding ways to get things done even when you aren't in your optimal environment. It would have been easy for you to skip things today and not meditate and do your exercise workout but you remained committed, and this is exactly the type of action you need to take moving forward if you really want to achieve your dreams. Most people can do the things they need to do when it's easy or convenient, but the difference is what happens when it's not as easy and not as convenient. That's where champions are made.

Longer meditations can be truly powerful. I've had some of the craziest experiences of my life doing them. :)

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Hey Matthias :)

First of all, you lasted longer than I did. Haha

Second, you're alright man. It seems like your biggest wish right now is to find a special girl. You will find her :) You're good looking man and you are a devoted person, or else you wouldn't be on these forums. Find a girl and ask her to eat lunch with you :)

Also keep this in mind. You already are successful!!! What are you talking about man? You quit video games. SUCCESS. Just because you aren't a millionaire rockstar already doesn't mean you won't be successful. It may help if you try to worry less about the big picture and focus on dominating the little picture each step of the way. That way it doesn't seem like such a steep mountain to climb :)

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Day 15

I also got fairly drunk today, and i relapsed after only 2 days on nofap -.-

Hope you had a good time! NoFap is a very interesting experience, but you will learn a lot from the process of getting to 90 days, just like you will from going 90 days without gaming. :)

woah I made way too many smiley faces

?I laughed. :)

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Day 16

?Woot! I love that you were able to apply the vocal training right away and see results from it. That's the best way to learn, to experience it as soon as possible.

For cold showers, maybe rewatch the video of Joel doing it. He goes in and out and I think that would help you. :) But either way, even a one minute cold shower is impressive!

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?Woot! I love that you were able to apply the vocal training right away and see results from it. That's the best way to learn, to experience it as soon as possible.

For cold showers, maybe rewatch the video of Joel doing it. He goes in and out and I think that would help you. :) But either way, even a one minute cold shower is impressive!

?It looks like I have cold showers in my future

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