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Not interested in the social side of gaming


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In your article, you state that one of the factors why games are addictive is their social side. Though I play a MMO, namely LotRO, I have never been interested in the social side of playing and play almost exclusively solo, except a couple of times where I accidentally banded in a (very short lived) fellowship with some random players. By accidentally I mean I was not actively looking for someone to play with, they just invited me to a fellowship as they were in the same area. I belong to a kinship, but I do not participate in any kin activities (once I "went" for a kin walk only to see how it looks like and I have not taken part in this kind of gaming since), except occasional sharing some festival rewards with other players. Even more, I have never wanted to play with someone else since I would have to adjust my schedule to theirs and this would not allow me to play flexibly when I want. So, the social aspect definitely played no role (bad pun!) in my gaming whatsoever. This is in striking contrast to what you said in your text on quitting games. How should I interpret this discrepancy?

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Hey! Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

The areas I mentioned were the reasons why I played and what I've seen in many others. They are only meant to be guiding principles, not diagnosis. If the social side wasn't a reason why you played, that's fine. What you want to figure out is what were the reasons why you were drawn to games? The 4 reasons I share are only 4 of them, I believe there are certainly others (many of which I discuss on YouTube.)

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Hi Primmulla. May it be that you play games to take a break from being social? That's how it was for me. I never really cared for the social aspect of gaming and always declined "friendship" requests. The whole point of gaming was to get away from others and carve out some personal space. If you like me are an introvert, being social drains you and you recharge by being alone. For extraverts it works the other way around. So I interpreted Cam's point as "gaming feels like you are replenishing your energies".

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