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Bored and tired all the time


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I deleted my games last week and now I just browse the internet much more instead. I don't have the energy to do anything with my life except for walking an hour and a half a day, talking with my mom and learning something once in awhile during the week. I am all day at home so I have the whole day to do something with myself and going for a walk or trying to learn something feels like nothing. Every time I think of doing something real and different my social anxiety pops up and tells me not to do it. I don't even have the energy to write this message more thoughtfully. I won't have school until at least after the summer break and it seems like deciding not to play games was a stupid move because I have nothing else to do.

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Hey man, don´t give in!

Have you read Cam´s 60 Hobby ideas?

60 Hobby Ideas

Try to go for hobbies that give you a sense of accomplishment and that are time consuming.

You sound a bit depressed try to fix your diet and slowly start working out. Listen to music, walk a few minutes under the sun.

Have you talked to anyone  about how you feel? Maybe you can tell your mom or a close friend.

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