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Anders' Journal


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On this day I took pictures of my gaming gear and uploaded it to online selling-sites. After a hectic night the day before, my psychiatrist and I was now convinced that I am not able to handle losses in video games. Already on the same day I got a lot of views and attention on my computer, so I was determined to get rid of my computer.



Still getting a lot of attention on the computer, still answered questions from potential buyers. I am getting slightly nervous about my decision and I start to already want to fly into a game. I played maybe 1 hour so far, but it's certainly not fun anymore, at this point im just playing to kill time waiting for a buyer. its 7 pm at the afternoon, watching some youtube videos and thinking about things I can spend my time on.


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Hej Anders - Sejt at du kaster dig ud i at sælge din gamer computer. Jeg er ved at samle mod til at gøre det sammen, men syntes godt nok, at det er en stor beslutning for mig, da jeg jo også bruger den til en masse andet end gaming. Jeg overvejer at købe den nye Mac Book Pro når den kommer til efteråret forhåbentligt. Jeg tror du bliver glad for det her community. Det virker til at være ret seriøst, og folk er flinke herinde. 

Sorry guys, just had to write danish ;) Fellow ex gamer Dane :) 

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Åh, fedt at se en anden dansker her inde :D. Jeg afskaffer mig min computer primært på grund af lysten til at game på den igen, der er ikke noget andet valg. - Men pengene er også dejlige. 

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Great to see so many people from so many different cultures on this forum!
I think your decision to join this forum and sell your computer is great, and you will definitely be happy you did in the long run! 

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Still getting questions and offers on my gaminggear, few people are planning to contact me back soon. Played 1 game on my computer (15 mins) and was not really enjoying it, so left it again. However Pokemon GO just launched on my phone today, so that was a great opportunity for me to go outside in the search for some pokemons. Driving around outside my neighborhood in the good weather on my bicycle was actually quite nice. Mobilegames has never really intrigued me, so I don't think it's going to interfere with my detox once I get that going. I'll have to make some experiments with that. I'm sure once my computer is sold I'll be off on a great start, atleast I hope so. It's almost 6 pm so I better go make some dinner and once the darkness hits I will walk around my block again for some fresh air... and maybe a few pokemons.

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I'm happy to hear you guys are following my journal! Makes it way more fun for me. 



After getting attention from all the different used-goods sites I have my computer on, a few people are promising. A guy is willing to give me a fair amount of money for my setup, he is thinking thoroughly about it right at this moment. Another thing I forgot to add in my journal, I haven't been drinking Pepsi Max for 4 days now, not a single drop. My mood is very dependent on my Pepsi Max, but drinking water is what I need to start working on. So it's been surprisingly easy to lay off the Soda for a few days now, I plan to keep that going aswell. I was outside several hours yesterday catching pokemons on Pokemon GO until almost midnight, I had A LOT of fun doing that. Even though Pokemon GO is a mobile game, it's giving me a reason and purpose to actually leave my house and wander around. It's a good way to distract myself away from the computer.  - At this point i'm just excited to get rid of the computer, just having it nearby is frustrating for me. The time is 16:50 as I am writing this, I plan to go out in a bit (with an umbrella because it's raining like crazy in Denmark), and when I get home again I'm going to cook my dinner. 



-Continiously working on getting rid of my computer for a proper price

- 4 days without any form of soda/sweet drinks - Pepsi Max more specificly

- Pokemon GO helps me get outside and enjoy it, in the future I want to be able to do that without an app/game.


Bad/ things that are going wrong:

- Not having much social contact going on the past few days. I should try to hit someone up, even though it's uncomfortable.


Again, huge thanks to Cam and the rest of my viewers for making this journey fun.





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No huge updates today. Few more people have contacted me regarding my computer, buyers are interested but no confirmed deal yet.

Played a little bit on my computer (1-2 hours ish) together with 4 others on voicechat, it was fun and it made me reconsider my decision. But after some discussion with myself I'm still convinced that even though I can enjoy playing with 4 other people, the decision to sell my computer is still the right thing to do. It HAS to be done, I need to move on. I'm about to make me some dinner once again and go for a walk afterwards (with pokemon GO, sorry Cam haha). If I need a mobile game to leave my house, i'm okay with it, as long as I am able to hold on to my decision getting rid of the gaming-computer. - Once that's done, I can lay of the mobile game easily. Still havent consumed anything with artificial sugar in it, besides a bowl of oatmeal with a little sugar on top. 

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11/7/16 UPDATE:

It's 3 am in the morning, I literally just got home from a jog i took which was about 30-35 minutes long. This is something I have NEVER done before in my whole life. I also watched a few work-out videos on youtube, which is something I haven't done before either. I can feel the motivation! Anyways, time for a quick bath and then to bed!

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Just the usual at this point, still speaking with potential buyers, 1 guy is coming tommorow by to figure out if he wants to purchase my desk. 

Been a little outside, bought some yogurt and peanuts. Pepsi/soda-free for 5 days (ish) now. 

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So I just sold my huge automatic desk to a young man and his dad for a fine price. Now all I need is to sell my gaming computer and all the accessories. 

About to head out to the mall to buy some groceries..

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14/7/2016: Nothing exciting to report here. Went a little bit earlier to bed than usual.

15/7/2016: Went outside for a few hours, went for another jog (a shorter one this time so I wont be as sore afterwards). Did a little bit of physical training.

Later at the day I out of curiosity read some updates on one of the games i used to play (Overwatch) and got huge cravings wanting to play again. However I need to stick to my plan, even though it's difficult haha. - My computer is still not sold, so I lowered my initial price for it slightly now to increase the odds. The longer I have it, the bigger the chance of me relapsing. - Also, still not consumed any kind of soda yet and only a VERY little amount of sugar. It's 2 am as I am writing this and I should really go to bed now. Not fun having to deal with the cravings.

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