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  1. Day 5 and 6 You guys probably had the same experience, when you quitted gaming, but at one minute I'm trying to persuade myself, that gaming is OK for me, and that I can just play a little less, and then it's ok, and the other minute, I'm like, hell no, I'm not going to play video games ever again, I have so many other interesting things to do. It's really like having an angel on one shoulder, and a devil on the other, both arguing for their cause. I actually don't know what I should do? If I'm not going to do anything drastically now, then I think I will go back to gaming again. Maybe it's because I can't find my real goal for quitting video games. Like, in my first post I mentioned my kids as my first priority. And yes, they still are, but now when they are asleep, and I'm restless.... o Oh. I tried getting back into programming, played the piano, read books, watched Netflix, went for a run, did workout, slept. It's like my brain is not satisfied, or calm. My brain is running at full speed. I might have used video gaming for throttling down my brain. I've tried to visualise, that I was gaming again, and tried to feel, if I would be happier when I'm gaming... I don't have a happy feeling when thinking about gaming. Any suggestions what I should do now?
  2. Hej Anders - Sejt at du kaster dig ud i at sælge din gamer computer. Jeg er ved at samle mod til at gøre det sammen, men syntes godt nok, at det er en stor beslutning for mig, da jeg jo også bruger den til en masse andet end gaming. Jeg overvejer at købe den nye Mac Book Pro når den kommer til efteråret forhåbentligt. Jeg tror du bliver glad for det her community. Det virker til at være ret seriøst, og folk er flinke herinde. Sorry guys, just had to write danish Fellow ex gamer Dane
  3. @wookieshark88 - Thanks for posting. The Surface Pro 4 looks really nice ! I have to wait a couple of weeks, before I can take the big step and sell the gaming rig. The decision is too big right now. I will let you know when I get the guts for it
  4. Day 4 Today was really hard. I wanted to game so badly ! And I felt sorry for myself, and tried to convince myself, that I was too hard on myself. I think the worst time is when I'm alone. When I'm together with my kids and my wife, it isn't that much of a problem. Tomorrow I'm going to work, and we have family visiting us in the afternoon, so hopefully tomorrow will be easier. / Viking
  5. @Cam Adair - Thanks for posting. Don't you miss an external monitor when editing etc. ? I also think it's cool with simple living !
  6. Hi fellow quitters The last couple of days, I have been thinking about selling my gaming computer. I just started the 90-Detox, and thought that it could be cool, to reward myself, when I succeed. I was thinking, if I should sell my gaming gear ( 3000 $ equipment ) in 87 days and get a laptop, like a Macbook or something. It would be the first time in 25 years that I don't own a console or a gaming pc. Do you think it's too drastic? Do you have any experience selling you gaming gear? (how you felt afterwards etc.) I'm looking forward to hear from you. / Viking
  7. I want to accomplish the 90-Detox Challenge! Day 3 No gaming Plan a tent trip for my son and I. Go for a run Play the piano got switched to some hours of programming. Continue reading ( 1984 George Orwell, Rocks ! ) My day Today was better than yesterday. I think the early morning was the hardest part, because I couldn't see how I could relax today, which I normally use gaming for. But as the day went through, it became easier. It helped trying to focus on something else, and not let my mind wander too much. I picked up the kids earlier from daycare, which was nice, though we were all tired. I hope tomorrow will be something like today I'm thankful for: The fact that my family and I are so privileged. I watched a documentary program about the indonesian water nomads. Not to neglect our problems, but we have food and clean water. Plan for day 4 * No gaming ! * Play the piano * Continue, planning the tent trip for my son and I. * Continue reading ( 1984 George Orwell ) Just made a post about Selling my gaming computer - I'd love to hear your thoughts about it ! Have a nice day. / Viking
  8. Thanks for the support ! @WorkInProgress - 1984 is kinda scary !
  9. Hi @Alkan - Sounds like an interesting project. Is there a waiting list so we could be notified, when it's ready? What media is it going to be available for?
  10. Hi @quittintime - What a story. I think you found just the right place !
  11. Welcome @tinferbrains - What an amazing story. It's crazy to think about, that the dopamine change could be the thing. I wish you the best luck ! Have you tried meditation? If not, then try out Mindfulness Meditation. It definitely helps me relax. I just started the video game detox, but used to do meditation because of my hectic job. Have a nice day
  12. I want to accomplish the 90-Detox Challenge! Day 2 No gaming Kept the kids home from daycare. We had a brilliant day ! Thankful thoughts My day Today was actually harder and more weird than I thought it would be. I can really feel the restlessness. It feels like I lost a good friend. I know it sounds a bit exaggerated, but it really feels that way, empty and sad inside. Guess it has to do with the fact, that I'm not ever going to play video games again. Like ever.. But again, this just emphasises, that I'm addicted to video games ! This is going to be a much harder journey than I expected. I had forgotten how it felt last time I tried quitting. I'm really thankful that I found this community. I think it will make the difference. I'm thankful for: My kids and I had a lovely day at my mom's place.My wife still backs me up, despite that this is not my first, second or third attempt to quit.My mom understood my situation, and understood that she couldn't be blamed for my gaming habit in my childhood. It was her first thought, but I think I made it clear to her, that it wasn't anything she could have done at that time. Plan for day 3 * No gaming ! * Plan a tent trip for my son and I. * Go for a run * Play the piano * Continue reading ( 1984 George Orwell, Rocks ! ) Have a nice day. / Viking
  13. @AlexTheGrape - Thank you @SpiNips - Hej Nabo - Sweden or Norway? - I can really relate to what you are writing about the thinking about getting home. I cancelled so many family and friends arrangements just so I could game, or planned the event, so that I would have some hours afterwards to play video games. I'm glad that it is easier for you now !
  14. That's how my mindset is. Kids to bed ASAP and then game! Maybe put up a lie to my wife about how long time it took to accomplish the daily chores etc. It's a kind of a relief to read, that I'm not the only one who is having those thoughts.. I Am looking forward reading your whole journal ! I love your "I'm thankful for" statements. I will start doing that too. How does it impact on you? When you write down what you are thankful for? It sounds we certainly have a lot in common! Hopefully you can find success with all of us here. I also find it relieving that you know exactly what that kind of lifestyle I lived. Regarding the thankfulness statements, they're a great way to dwell on and build upon the small victories in our lives. I try to really think about my day and find the unique positives to write down. It's been good for me because it trains my mind to see things in a positive light. I sometimes tend to get cynical and making the effort to be positive keeps me on track. It also helps that my wife always points out the silver lining in most situations. The impact is actually pretty significant. It's a lot more than I would have ever imagined before I did it. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to comment in my journal! This evening at the dinner, I told my wife about gamequitters.com, and that I started the 90 day detox. I could see, that she was really happy about it, and that I'm going to get her full support. I told her about your story, and that you were in the same boat. It actually felt really nice to have someone to refer to, who has the same challenges. Guess that it is one of the strong forces of this community. Thanks for your theory behind the thankfulness statements! I will implement that in my daily life too ! Have a nice day Joe
  15. Day 1 ( part 2 ) Inspired by Joe's journal: I'm thankful for: 1. My daughter was so close to say "Far" today, which means dad in Danish. 2. I found gamequitters.com 3. I'm going to sleep today, rest assured, that there is hope ! Bonus: 4. All the empty hard disk space that came out from deleting all the games !
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