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Hi all!

After multiple attempts to quit playing games I've had treatment in a 12-step treatment center. I was told that being "an addict" I had to abstain from alcohol and drugs in order to stay clean and recover.

I haven't used drugs or alcohol on a daily basis and can't image I ever will. I do recognize parts of myself in stories of drug addicts and alcoholics, only I turned to gaming instead of using drugs.

I wonder if you decided to get clean I order to recover from gaming addiction and would I relapse when I drink alcohol or use drugs?

Would be great to get your point of view on this one.

Greetings from Holland


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Hey! We love Holland! 

I personally see the "substance" you're addicted to as the one that dictates whether you relapse or not... however I personally don't drink or use drugs (only very rarely) and would recommend against drinking specifically as the first thing that goes when you drink is caution, and a lack of caution means you're vulnerable to relapse back into games. Something to think about.

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