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"90 days game free" sticker design help

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone.

I'm working with a designer on creating a sticker/badge to send to people who reach the 90 day mark of being game free. This is just meant to be something fun and a physical representation of an accomplishment to be proud of.

One sticker we like is this one (attached) and here's where I need your help:

What SYMBOL should we use to represent the 90 day accomplishment?

A trophy is one idea but I'd prefer to use a different symbol. If you have any ideas share them in the comments below.


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The website, despite being all about quitting games, seems to have a retro gamer feel or homage to it a bit which I think is pretty cool. What if the symbol was more reminiscent of unlocking an achievement to keep in line with the gaming reference? ie. a star with a scroll banner across the bottom or maybe a trophy? Just spit balling in order to get some brain storming going. 

I really dig the three arrows, it has a "level up" or "power up" feel to it without being such a blatant reference to gaming.

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