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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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Nick here, Wanted to post a quick intro of myself. Im Nick and 26years old and i used to play FPS games for a very long time (15years) Today i made the change to actually stop playing videogames. I hope this step will give me a boost on the rest of my life to actually do something with it. I'm not really much with words but ye.. I really wonna stop this bad habbit of mine that is really controlling my life atm.


Talk to you guys laters :)

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Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your story!

Having in mind how you'd like to change and how you'd ideally see yourself in future will be a powerful motive to stay on the tracks, and help you to derive ideas for how you'd like to change how you live: quitting gaming is just the start.

Keep us posted to keep yourself accountable and keep getting support from the community! :)

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