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Hello to everybody!

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Hello guys,

my name is Kaloyan i am 17 years old and i am from Bulgaria. As you probably suspect my life is gaming, since early age(when my parents got me my first computer), i sunk into gaming, i found it fun and entertaining and something to do while i am bored, but soon enough from a hobby it grew into an addiction but i was not realising it. While i was at elementary school and middle school i did not considered it as a problem because frankly i had alot of other problems, i was in a private school with the whole school being composed of merely 100 people, i had a few friends which made fun of me alot but i pretended not to be harmed from this, as soon as i have gotten home from school i sat on the computer , forgot about all my problems , studying and homework and i would sink in about 10h a day in gaming with going to bed at around 2-3a.m. Middle school passed, High school came around the corner and here i was in a school with around 1000 people, 200 being in my grade (a pretty huge social circle), i was afraid to stand out , interact or make friends , not because i did not want to but because i was afraid and i did not know how to, alot of the guys made fun of me for being short and looking like a child while the rest had beards and big muscles, thats why i would sink even more hours in game time , trying to do my homeworks and studying at the last moment, barely getting any sleep. And i was cool with that, the big questions weren't on my mind at that time. Soon enough i became 17 , i realised a few things about life and asked my self the following question: What was my goal apart from becoming strong in a game ? Who am i? What do i like? What do i feel? , i became even more depressed when i saw the dissapointment in my parents voice when they saw my failing grades. I knew it was a time for a change but i was afraid to do it , because i was afraid that without gaming i would have nothing left. I knew i couldn't deal with this on my own, so i came here. 

On a happier note, i enjoy playing football(EU), i love music and from time to time i enjoy spiritual herbs, thats basically my hobbies outside of gaming which was a whole new universe of hobbies for me!

Im really glad that i am here and im starting to feel that there is hope at once !

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