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90 Day Detox Completed!

Nate B

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Hey guys,

So I just filled out my last survey for the 90 day detox, and I am so happy that I did it. Before the detox, I spent a lot of time on gaming, so much so that it really cut into my studies and my social life, stunting my growth as a person. When I decided I needed to quit, I looked online for help and found Cam's TED talk, and then this community. 

I've come a long way from my daily gaming habits between LoL, Hearthstone, and Steam games, but I believe it has been for the best. I do not regret doing the detox one bit, and I have learned a lot about myself now that I haven't spent so much time on games and the like.

I really appreciate all this community and especially Cam has done for me over the past few months, and I'm glad that I found you guys. I'll try to return here every now and again, but my main detox is done and I have really begun to see the value of my time outside of gaming. I hope that anyone working on their detox can be encouraged by my story, and knows that this community can help them work through their issues. Thanks a million Game Quitters! 

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Congrats on your 90 days Nate! 

But a word of warning: I myself have done 110 days, after such I went back to playing games again, but over time I've found myself back at square one. You really have to be careful because you can end up right back were you've started as I have.  

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