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My Journey Begins.

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Hello guys, my name is Paulo Gallo, a I'm a Brazilian 25-year old advertising design trainee and student. Sorry for the long intodrction and possible bad english.

I'm tired of using games to run away from my life. I've always had a passion for art, but I never pursued it because I'm a massive critic of myself and I'm so afraid of starting something I suck. I've had a wacom tablet for so long and barely touched it because the fear of failure was so overwhelming for me.

I have always been a very social and competitive person. Got Gladiator on almost every season i played WoW, won a local Yugioh tournament twice with a good Six Samurai list in its prime, got Diamond since season 3 when I played League, got Legend this year while playing Hearthstone.

I want to feel I am GOOD at what I'm doing and that is very important to me, and talking to people about the games I play is almost as much as important as playing it. 

Recently I've moved away from my mother's house, a dream I always had, and now I'm living on my own. Feeling the super heavy weight of the new responsabilities brought upon me by being out in the cold world having to pay my own bills (my parents only pay my college and that's it, absolutely nothing else), I've come to realize being good at games is meaningless for me. I want to be good on something that matters, something real that can make a difference for me in the world. I want to find and feel a purpose in living.

Games shaped me socially. I have a lot of real friends and they all meet every weekend to play League of Legends together. I met my girlfriend in a local League of Legends facebook group and we met in real life in a League-themed bar. We've been together for a year and half now and she's the most awesome girl to ever exist (although a little too insecure sometimes). We always play everything together since then.

Today I only play hearthstone, because I live in a city, work in another and study in a third one. My routine is punishing and tiresome, responsabilities keep piling up like crazy and I feel guilty of wasting any more time gaming. I feel I'm on a crucial moment to shape my future and have to take action right now. So that's why I'm here.

I want to set off in a journey to find the artist in me I was never strong enough to pursue.

I'm going to do this while tackling this 90 days detox on gaming to use the free time to focus on it. So that's why, for me, this is also a 90 days of practicing art. I want to try to motivate myself everyday to do at least a little bit of work towards that dream, it doesn't matter how much it takes or how painful or overwhelming it feels. I want to be a good 3D artist.

So this is my goal: 90 days of no games, 90 days of Zbrush study, a software I always loved and always wanted to learn. And here is my first objective: I want to make my first 3D model, a glass cup. Wish me luck, and thanks a lot for reading. Cya!

Paulo Gallo


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Good luck Paulo :) I am sure you will make it, you are certainly a talented person. Would you like to share your works here on the forum? Maybe it would motivate you more if you had audience waiting impatiently for a new artwork of yours?

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