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New Changes 5/11

Cam Adair

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Hey everyone!

We have a couple of new changes to report:

1. As you've seen over the last couple of weeks, we now have an "announcement bar" (below the header) where I share important information - especially about new members. I update it regularly.

2. I have created a subforum called "Archived Journals." These are journals from members of our community that I believe have made a specific contribution to the forum community, and of which are good for those who are newer to read or check out to learn from. I may change the name from Archived Journals to something else, but that's what it is for now. Three of the journals listed under the Archives were the first three journals on this forum, by @Zane, @Matthias and @leprosy so I wanted to include those as well for people to see where we came from.

3. I have added two new titles: Old Timer and Legend. Right now our posting titles work as follows:

- New Member
- Member: 10 posts
- Veteran: 30 posts
- Old Timer: 300 posts
- Legend: set by me

I'm still always looking for ideas for new titles so if you have any that you think would be great for our community, let me know.  Always trying to make the forum better and better so if you have any ideas for anything else, let me know as well.


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