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How to Relax Without Playing Video Games

Cam Adair

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I have a reflection not about relaxing itself, but rather on what brings about the need to relax: IMHO what makes one wanting relaxation is not a lot of activities, but rather stress related to them, especially being expected to do your best, present both at school and at work, having to fit into particular schedules and having to finish your tasks within the allotted time. For instance, when I am starting working on a new translation, my main fear is whether I am up to the task and whether I would be able to complete it before the assigned deadline. I want to do my best and prove that I am not too stupid for this text. And this stress tires me much more than the work itself ever could. For me, a relaxing activity is the one in which my performance would not be assessed, one in which I can fail with no consequences.

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Playing instrument for one. Shout does, too at the risk being called weirdo? For me, even if I don't have much skill in singing, playing piano and singing along become one of the way for me to de-stress. 

Great ideas!

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For me personally I relax by:

  • Gardening
  • Going For A Walk
  • Caring after my bonsai (this is amazingly therapeutic!)
  • When I have the money and time I also get a professional massage.
  • Listening to certain music such as Classical, Soft Rock etc.
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