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Hello friends

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Hello everyone. My name is Jeremias and I am 21 years old from Sydney, Australia.

I want to quit games in order to make way for other hobbies with more tangible benefits. Whilst I have really enjoyed competitive gaming for a very long time, I am frustrated by toxic players and the inability to share my passion with friends and relatives in person. Whilst my siblings play sports and are applauded by my parents and family friends, my gaming goes unnoticed. It is essentially sapping my free time away for my own selfish, short-term enjoyment and there is nothing to show for it.

Additionally, staying up late repeatedly is reducing my performance and enjoyment at my full-time job. I was prompted to look into stopping gaming this morning as I arrived to work with tired eyes about 30 minutes late, which is unacceptable. I occasionally get these dark streaks under my eyes and it doesn't look good...

I like the idea of a detox, but I am hesitant to commit too hastily. In addition to my day job, I'm training for a half-marathon in 2 weeks and a full marathon in October. With the addition time I have used gaming, I would like to work and improve at a skill that I can share with others socially. 

I think my biggest hurdle will be finding activities which can ignite my competitive spirit like gaming does. I currently play for a total of about 25 hours per week. On top of a job I work for effectively 45 hours per week, it is easy to see that I do little else at the moment.

It's an inspiration reading all the stories on the journal forum, people helping each other through the massive challenge that is giving up an addiction. Keep it up fam

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