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Swapping Addictions (poly-addiction)

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I know Cam's touched on this in his video about mindlessly surfing the internet. However, I feel there needs to be a direct discussion about addiction swapping. I find myself dropping gaming only to pick up a bottle or strange girl. I've fortunately recognized this pattern and am dealing with my unholy trinity concurrently. However, this'll be a really ugly pitfall for anyone to whom gaming addiction has been the lesser of potential evils. Seriously, irresponsible gaming pales compared to alcohol poisoning and STD's.

Heck, believe that should actually be a video itself. It may apply to a minority of our population, but it's an at risk minority.

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Well, I thing that addicted people are addicted they're going always into something extreme.

For me, once I played video games 7-8 hours a day, and then stopped it to work for 14-16 hours a day instead.

It was drastically productive until I got neurosis.


For me it was another outlet for my source of energy I have because I overplayed for long period of time.

For you it can be anything addictive behaviour, like alcohol, masturbation etc.

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