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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

New Quitter!


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Hey there... I am assuming you are reading my side of the story on why I am quitting! Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Bailey, also known as balls in school. I am 15 years of age and I am looking to move on, quit wasting time, because sitting down all day will get me nowhere. I play baseball, and I am looking to be more fit to make me quicker, faster, and better as a performer on and off of the field.

I am here to get your help, help on what to do outside of gaming. I am quitting, and I got no hobby ideas, other than reading, watching television, and weight lifting. On the weekends, I usually watch YouTube/Twitch and all of that stuff, and if I am quitting, what else is there to do? I need hobby ideas to help me move past this, I am beginning to get into jogging on the weekends, working on my baseball fundamentals, and I need more stuff to do from you all, I might be saying this a lot, but there is nothing else to say during this introduction... I will take any requests from anyone and if they are good enough, I will begin using them!

Thank you in advance for helping me out.

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Hi balls(awesome nickname btw.),

welcome to the forum! Check out the start-site. There are some hobby ideas. Some ideas which come to my mind are learning to play the guitar or another instrument, programming and learning a language(memrise) Whatever you decide to try out, I would advice you to stick to it for at least two weeks and really commit to trying it hard. Often times you have to take a obstacle in the start if you try out new things where everything seems hard and not fun. If you get over this the same activities can be very rewarding. Motivation is created by doing something, not the other way around.


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Welcome mate! (I dare ask why you are called balls lmao)

I think a lot of guys and girls here can relate to your motives on quitting games. Take it one day at a time and make sure you start you start a journal here, as that is a great way to keep track of your progress, feelings and ask for help off a lot of the others.

All the best :)


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Hi Bailey, welcome to the community!

I'm 17, so there are some of us young ones in the community too. Perhaps look into what hobbies or activities you've enjoyed growing up, and derive an activity out of them. I believe Cam has made a video on finding hobbies, so check out his YouTube channel.

I'm glad you're on board, and I hope to see you continue this journey in the long run :)

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