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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hi, I'm new here

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Hi guys, my name is Roger, I'm 14 years old and have started quitting gaming a few days ago (after seeing Cam's blog). Today I'm glad that I can join the Game Quitter's forum and I'm ready to continue my journey on quitting games, and finally make changes in my life!

I currently live in Hong Kong, China. And I started playing video games when I was 3. My father worked in Macao at that time, I get to visit him every Saturday and when he leads us to his home to rest, the first thing I would do was to open up his PC and play a certain video game that I loved. That video game wasn't meant to be addictive or anything, it was just a sort of educational game(but still really fun at that time for me).

Then, a few years passed. My father came back from Macau, started working in Hong Kong, and I was in primary school(thats what we call elementary school here). When I was Primary 2 (6 grades total), I started getting in touch with online games. It was a usual school day with not much happening, until a group of my classmates started talking about a game named SEER, Being curious, I searched for that game on the internet, and, welp, I got addicted to it for a long time. I also played ANOTHER online game at the same time, and kept searching for mini games(y'know, games in kongregate, armorgames, those games). During Primary 2-4, My life was pretty much nothing more than video games. Maybe occasionally a few school contests, but they don't affect my daily routine. I would play 8 hours a day(maybe not as much as a lot of games but still), and just sleep when I get bored. My parents weren't positive about me playing all day long either, so we've had a number of quarrels.

When I was P4, one day my mom got mad at me staying up all night playing video games. She got so mad that she broke my computer. After that day, I gradually lost interest in video games. I still, however, searched for and played mini games every day, for still at least 4-5 hours a day.

In my last year of my primary school, was one of my most regretful periods of my life. I wanted to get good grades so I can get in my long desired Secondary school(Middle school?), but...video games....really dragged me back. I didn't get into my desired school because of being addicted to video games, and I felt really, really sad. Not to mentioned some of my best friends went to that school.

And since, I've found more and more of my weaknesses - my inability to find other interests other than gaming, social anxiety, sometimes cockiness... I tried searching for new hobbies, and carrying out different 'self-improvement projects', but in the end they did not work, and I would play video games again to forget all about what I was doing.

But  a few days before, I've found Cam's blog post, which enlightened my hopes on improving myself and pushing foward! Today, I've even decided to join this forum! It'll be a whole new chapter for me, I don't know what to expect, but I know that I can at least start combining pieces of my life bit by bit. And of course, get rid of what's stopping me from doing so - video games.

TL;DR: I was once a gamer, like anyone else, that has spent all of my time playing online games, even breaking me and my parents relationship in doing so - but after discovering more and more negative things gaming has brought me, such as social anxiety, lost of interest at everything else, even grades, I started to try changing myself. After a while, I found Cam's blog post and entered this forum. I hope to see changes in myself, and to other members of this forum as well.

And lastly, thank you so much for spending time on reading my post. I hope we all do good together!

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 Hi Roger,

it is awesome that you realized what holding you back at such an young age. Check out this video. It is quite possible t find a way how to be consistent and stick to your goals. Commitment, being aware of the reasons why you are committed to your goals and accountability are the key points. If you need any help or starting points just ask and we are happy to help you out.

You got this!

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