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Miharu's Journal


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@Primmulla The problem is that the fiction includes other kind of fiction (fan fiction, web fiction)? Those two kind of fiction is extremely accessible, and its quality is not really QCed. Anyway, As I've said, there is no way fiction is bad. This is I always agree with you. But,I consider many things that was done excessively bad. The excessiveness (what should be the word for this?) is what I want to control/moderate. 

For relaxation, I still have my music, either guitar or piano. I never had problem with gaming, 

@hycniejsy, I already used rescuetime for that purpose. If the data can be extracted though... is it?


Miharu's Log - Day 17

So. What do you want to know? I major in statistics. I don't think that statistics is my passion. To be honest, I am more interested in data analysis part in statistics, instead of statistics in its wholesome. I am grateful though for all the knowledge the lecturer taught me.

Let's turn this into AMA for this day.

So, you have problems with fan fiction? what fandom do you particularly enjoy reading? You are worried about the poor quality of fanfiction works you are reading, is that the problem? If you read something which is trash you can always stop, I agree that there is a lot of kitschy fanfic, though there are also many stories which could be publishable if they were not fanfiction. It also depends on the fandom, e.g there is quite a lot of quailty fanfic in Tolkien fandom, especially on websites devoted only to Tolkien fanfic such as Silmarillion Writers' Guild. Do you have some moral qualms about the content of the stories, e.g. erotica or slash? if this is the case, I guess you should stop reading them, though I do not understand your problems with fiction. You read bad quality stories, and you want to stop it, is that right? Honestly, I have idea how one can become addicted to poorly written texts, only well-crafted stories are addictive ;) If you are concerned about the quality of your reading, you can always choose printed books which go through editing process and should be better.

If you do not know what to write about, try freewriting exercise: simply write whatever comes to your mind, without censoring yourself or correcting your grammar, typos etc. Do it for 10 minutes (or longer, if you like, but 10 minutes is the minimum). It helps you focus and understand your emotions and thoughts, and what is the best about it is that you do not have to show it to anyone, you can even throw it away or even tear it apart after you're done with the exercise.

Not exactly the content. The time I've committed for this hobby is the problem.

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Huh... what day is it? 25?

Anyway. Yeah, the end of the month. I had no internet connection other than those odd hours to wake up. Right now it is 1.32 AM here.

Mm... I've (been forced to) upgrade to windows 10. Next step would be Linux I suppose.

On the other hand, dental problems. I'm always having these headaches and apparently it is caused by my teeth.




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