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Hello fellow quitters


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Well today I decided it was time to quit games once and for all or at least to play once a month.
My main reasons.

 Getting old(24)
 handicap mf. Gotta study for the insurance exam to pass it and make more cash.
 Gotta keep focused on college. So far so good
 Gotta save money for better stuff clothes, food, transportation, car
 Gotta save money to get away from my psychological abusive family.
 Gotta save money for potential dating.
 Gotta save money for saving money.
 I already exercise and work from 9 to 5. Not the greatest cash, but its something. Thus I gotta get a degree and this insurance license for more dough.

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Hello Fellow quitter! :D Welcome the forums, looks like you have started great with setting goals etc. All the best and don't forget to start a journal...it helps a lot with the detox. :)

All the best!

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