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Hello All


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Hello everyone, i decided to quit gaming once for all, to use my time in a more productive way, and improve my life's quality. I'm currently in the fourth day of my second week, but i'm struggling to find activities to fill the void. I'm a very competitive person, love tournaments and being part of a team, but i can't find any activity like this in person, since i don't own a driving license at the moment(currently working on it) and i don't feel safe walking or using the bus around my neighborhood. I was thinking online chess, however, i read in this forums that it is not advised until i complete my 90 day detox. What activities would you guys recommend me?

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Hey ! good to see that you have decided to quit as well !

Getting out is really important. Try to see if your neighnorhood is really unsafe or if you are affraid of people (I have been at some time, when I had been too many days without talking to anyone). If it's something in the middle, go out at safe time, and go buy something !

Otherwise, duolingo, the language learning site worked well for me.

Keep us posted !



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Hi and welcome to the forum! It honestly depends on your taste in regards to what you do and will enjoy, for me personally I'm filling the void by doing the following:

  • Bonsai Trees (Maintenance, Learning etc.)
  • Work
  • Writing (I run a blog and write books)
  • Watch Netflix
  • Learning Spanish
  • Gardening
  • Learn new skills on the internet (YouTube etc)
  • D.I.Y

What I plan do to in the future to accompany what I already do (within like a years time or something):

  • Karate
  • Yoga
  • Watching my Favorite Football team (soccer).
  • Bodybuilding
  • Rugby (maybe)

Good luck with the Detox, just remember to keep busy. :)

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Hello Luis!

Cam Adair, the founder of this forum, has many good informative videos about boredom and what to do after you quit video games.  I'll post the link here.  Take time to browse through Game Quitters Youtube channel to find other helpful tips that will help you get through the detox of gaming. 


Falky gave a great list of his activities for an example. 

I wonder if you could join a kung fu class, or competitive volley-ball, or basketball team that is part of a community recreation center?  And if you needed a ride to this place, I wonder if you could catch a ride with any of the members who joined the club, if they live nearby  you?  I'm sorry to hear that it seems unsafe in your neighborhood. 

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